Extra Storage, Kitchen Functionality and look, What You Can Get from These14 Kitchen Island Table Combination Ideas

In every kitchen there is the potential for great storage, display, and functionality. The sad fact is all kitchens don’t have enough of any of these. The most possible problem solving for this is a kitchen island table combination.

Kitchen island table combination offers numerous advantages for your kitchen space.  It adds storage area in addition to cabinets. It provides extra sitting and also extra space for kitchen amenities. If your kitchen is lacking storage areas, a kitchen island may solve your problem. With the option of additional drawers, pull out shelves, and cabinets, the island is an extension to your existing casework. It also can act as informal dining area for the kids or it can act as additional seating when entertaining.  Having access to your family or guests is always an advantage while cooking and preparing meals.

For those that are on the fence as to whether to have one, take a look at these 14 kitchen island table combination ideas that will satisfy your need. Enjoy!

1. A clean white kitchen cabinets and some steel kitchen amenities will be good if combined with a black kitchen island table combination with white granite top. The combination consists of the cabinets and multi-functional dining table.


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2. A minimalist white kitchen island table combination is also good if you have a small and simple space and design for a kitchen. Look at the interesting design of the set.


3. Wooden look for the top of kitchen island table combination is also gorgeous, moreover with this unique shape idea.


4. This idea might help you well if you want a modern kitchen with some natural color on the cabinets and its kitchen island table combination.


5. This corner kitchen looks so good and very space-savvy. Moreover if you set the right kitchen island table combination for it.


6. Give a cool touch for a kitchen with a lot of wood loo. You can add the gray color as the top of kitchen island table combination and the chair set.


7. White and woods? That might be so beautiful for a kitchen island table combination set. Look at the picture below to have some inspirations.


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8. Very minimalist and clean, what you can get from this idea of kitchen island table combination set. So worth the space!


9. Here comes another idea of modern kitchen island table combination set with natural colors. Look at the combination from the picture below.


10. Let’s give a little bit classic look for a kitchen island table combination set. It might have a touch of classic, but really brave since the color really make it as the focal point of the kitchen.


11. If you need an idea of kitchen island table combination in a dark color combined with woods, this one might satisfy you.




13. Get an elegant look from this granite top kitchen island table combinationCombined with white and natural colored kitchen, it might be good for your big family!


14. Look at the wonderful atmossphere this kitchen island table combination set give to your kitchen. Beautiful baby blue color with natural color combination is just a perfect couple!


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So, do you own a kitchen island in your home? Are you thinking about putting one in? Let us know, as we love to hear your comments.

If you are looking fore some kitchen inspirations, please take a look at our gray and white kitchen. Hope you enjoyed the post!

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