Explore Your Kitchen Space with These 14 Ideas of Grey and White Kitchen

When a kitchen is painted black, white or grey – it usually indicates or shows sleekness, sophistication and class. For homeowners who prefer contemporary to modern design, these colors are favorite choices. A chic color scheme of pale grey and white is used throughout, even down to tiny details like the fruit bowl and picture frames. A large island in the center of the room provides further worktop space, as well as a spacious breakfast bar: practical and stylish.

Adding tidbits of color or unique material in the kitchen that can bring a doze of warmth and character creates a rich space everyone ought to love. Take a look at 14 ideas of grey and white kitchen. Here we go.

1. White Kitchen with Light Grey Cabinets

If you have a little kitchen, you don’t have to be worried. Add a combination of white and light grey cabinets to it and adopt the look from the picture below. Another fresh color is allowed as long as it is not a dominant color.


2. Grey Bottom and White Top Cabinets Combination for Kitchen Look

Tr this unique idea of separating the color combination in a kitchen. The bottom area is an area for the grey cabinets, and the top is the area of white. Do not forget to use black as the border of them.

Grey And White Kitchens | pthyd

3. White Kitchen and Grey Furniture

You don’t have to equally divide the proportion of grey and white in a room if you want to have a grey and white theme look. Just decorate your white kitchen with some grey furniture. You can add up grey chairs and or chandelier It look simply great, as you can see from the picture below.

White kitchen with grey furniture

4. Grey and White for Kitchen Walls

This idea has no big difference from the previous idea. In this idea you only need one wall painted with grey color and leave the rest with white color. It is okay to put some combination colored material such as marble dining table and walls.

Grey Walls and White Cabinets

5. Light Grey and White Combination for Kitchen Walls and Cabinets

Again, let’s play with the combination of light grey and white kitchen cabinets. Do not stop when you think you have finished your grey and white kitchen concept. Combine tiny grey and white tiles on the walls and you are ready to boast about your kitchen.

gray and white kitchen corner view

6. Grey Cabinets and Furniture in White Kitchen

It is all about combining the walls, cabinets and other furniture. If you are planning to have a beautiful grey and white kitchen with a great neutral lighting, Make the walls all in white. After that fill the space with a lot of grey cabinets and furniture. Adopt the idea from the picture below.

Perfect lighting for grey and white kitchen

7. Unique Combination of Grey and White Kitchen Cabinets

Looking for unique kitchen look? Copy this grey and white kitchen with grey and white cabinets combination. Look modern and unique at the same time, right?

Contrasting Grey and White Kitchen Cabinets

8. Grey and White Kitchen Theme with Parquet Floor

Grey and white kitchen is okay to combine with any kind of floor, as they are neutral colors. Look at the picture below to see the combination of grey and white kitchen look with parquet floor. Beautiful, isn’t it?

Beautiful Grey and White Kitchen Cabinets

9. White Kitchen and Grey Floor

Combining these two colors seems never enough. You can combine anything, yes, anything. These combination of white cabinets and furniture, combined wall colors and grey floor is worth to adopt for your amazing kitchen look.

white dining table and stools transitional kitchen

10. Glossy Grey and White Kitchen

Amazing idea of grey and white kitchen. Gloss cabinets in white, grey walls and other modern furniture make the overall look very futuristic. Everyone would dare to have this grey and white kitchen look.

grey white gloss kitchen

11. Traditional Wooden Grey and White Kitchen Look

With grey and white, you can make the kitchen to be modern, but you can also make them in a traditional way, too! Look at the idea of traditional grey and white kitchen from the picture below, with beautiful wooden cabinets and furniture. Lovely chandeliers and lighting complete the warm look for the kitchen.

Luxurious Traditional Kitchen

12. Minimalist Grey and White Kitchen Concept

Here comes the minimalist concept. It is so sure that grey and white cannot be separated with minimalist room concept. Look and steal this minimalist grey and white kitchen look.

White Cabinets White Chairs Grey Floor White Grey Counter

13. Modern Grey and White Kitchen with Natural Surroundings

Having modern kitchen doesn’t mean you have no space to make a warmth look from the nature. Have a beautiful modern grey and white kitchen with parquet floor and a wide glass on the top side of the kitchen. Now you have an amazing modern kitchen with natural atmosphere around.

Kitchen Designs with Unusual Choices

14. Grey and White Kitchen with Unique Metal Chandelier

Do not afraid to play with the chandelier if you are planning to have a dynamic grey and white kitchen. Copy the idea of this grey and white kitchen from the picture below and have an amazing time in the kitchen!

Super White Quartzite with gray cabinets

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