Every Modern-Minded Person Will Need These 12 Modern Floor Lamp Ideas

Modern furniture is one of favorite ideas to have for a simple and small space. Modern furniture has also come a long way in terms of comfort and durability. Having furniture with simple line and sleeker design while it is very functional is the right decision for modern and simple person. It also gives tidy, maintain high level of elegance and offers a lot of variety.

“You don’t want guests in your home to feel like they’re waiting in a hospital emergency room,” says interior designer Andrew Galuppi.  That is 100% right and lighting plays a big role on determining the whole room’s look. It really sums up all of your effort on making a good interior. You don’t want to ruin all of the effort by choosing the wrong lighting, right?

Hundreds of homes around the world take advantage of floor lamps to provide additional lighting in their living rooms, dining room and even bedrooms. One of the many benefits of this type of lighting is the versatility as it is your decision to put anywhere you want in a room.

So, this is the time to combine the idea of modern furniture and the advantage of having a floor lamp. The good news is, modern floor lamps come in so many different shapes, sizes and colors that you can easily enhance the space just by adding one of these lighting devices. Here are 12 Modern Floor Lamp Ideas we’ve collected for you.

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1. White Modern Floor Lamp with White Rectangular Lamp Shade

Calming and stress relieving, two things you can get from this kind of lighting. It is so good to have this modern floor lamp so you can have the sensation anywhere you want to put it.

Earring Gloss White & Chrome Modern Design Floor Lamp 11640

2. Modern Wooden Stand and White Lamp Shade

Simplicity is the true elegance. It is okay to have a wooden material to add the warmth trough the lighting the floor lamp gives. Simple line of wooden stand combined with simple white drum lamp shade, so peaceful, isn’t it?

Modern Floor Lamp | Replica Furniture and Lighting

3. Dark Brown Tripod Floor Lamp with White Drum Lamp Shade

Dark brown colored tripod stand with modern cut and white lamp shade totally reflects the spirit of modern interior. Really good in making a modern lighting and look at the same time. It can be your precious asset of furniture, too.
Mondovi Modern Floor Lamp

4. Elegantly Modern with Rectangular Shades and Unique Stand

Rectangle lamp shade seems so perfect for a modern floor lamp. Moreover if it is combined with a highly elegant floor lamp stand. A uniquely strong modern character you’ll get from a floor lamp.

Great contemporary floor lamps | Velvet cushion

5. Modern Floor Lamp with Purple Lamp Shade

Another unique variation of a modern floor lamp with rectangular lamp shade. Purple gives a luxurious look for a room. Moreover, if it is adopted for a lighting, it will easily transfer its ‘purple power’ to the entire room. More modern character added from the matching steel lamp stand.
Dimond Lighting D2231 Alva Contemporary Floor Lamp In A Black Nickel

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6. Modern 3 Lights In a Row

Floor lamp might be known with their typical lamp shade. But there is no rule in making a floor lamp. As long as they still fit the concept and function of floor lamp, it still called a floor lamp. With this kind of floor lamp, everyone would not worry to play with the shape and concept of modern floor lamp. Take a look at the picture below to have some inspirations.
Modern Floor Lamps ‹ View All The Lighting Book Modern Floor Lamps

7. Minimalist Floor Lamp with White Drum Lamp Shade

He is a little idea of minimalist floor lamp. The stand made of modern shaped steel combined with white lamp stand. Truly a dream modern floor lamp for a modern room.

Lighting ‹ View All Floor lamps ‹ View All Astro Lighting Floor

8. Multiple Modern Arched Floor Lamp

An extra extra lighting from a floor lamp, with mentioned advantage and beautiful modern look, who can’t resist not to have this idea on choosing the perfect modern floor lamp?

Best Designs Of Modern Floor Lamps floor lamps - fastaanytimelock.com

9. Modern in Simple Orange Lamp Shade

One of the main characteristics of modern furniture is its simple cut. It is not a disadvantage since it still give a catchy look and space-savvy benefit. You can also choose other color than its (modern) common color. This simple floor lamp with orange lamp shade proof that a modern floor lamp should not be in a boring color.

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Graphite Floor Base and Orange Shade - Modern - Floor Lamps - by The

10. Modern Floor Lamp with Unique Semi-Translucent Lamp Shade

Don’t be afraid to play with lamp shades for a modern floor lamp. This kind of floor lamp will convince you to be brave in choosing the shape of modern floor lamp.

Artemide - Logico floor lamp - Modern - Floor Lamps - by Lighting55

11. Modern Arched Floor Lamp with Steel Lamp Shade

This kind of modern arched floor lamp will give you an extra advantage as it can reach more distant space without having to put them right in the place. In other words, it will give you the efficiency of a space between the lamp and the stand. The modern steel-look is worth to have, too.

Lamp And Magnifier Diy Modern Floor Lamps Contemporary Floor Lamps

12. Modern Blue Floor Lamp

Modern design of floor lamp should not always come in a neutral color such as white, black and brown. It can also comes in this blue kind of color, as long as the design and cut still reflects the characteristic of modern furniture.

CADO Modern Furniture - SEXTANS Modern Floor Lamp

Modern floor lamp is functional and decorative, it can act as attractive modern decor objects while also injecting essential nuanced illumination into a room. Don’t forget to choose your dream modern floor lamp wisely and consider every aspect you need before having one of them.

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