Efficient Tips to Clean Your House Weekly

Some people might feel happy to have a cleaning time at their house. But many people especially the busy one, don’t really like it because it takes a lot of time, sweat, difficult and sometimes caused by laziness. If you have not enough time to think what should you do to make your house clean without hiring any assistant to do it, make a weekly schedule for it. And these list might help you to simplify the area of your weekly cleaning activity. Here you go:



If you want to clean the house efficiently without wasting too many times and energy, you have to use the right tools. You wont clean every single place in your house with one tool only, will you? If you are too worry about your hand, use the cleaning gloves to keep your hand not in direct contact with the cleaning tools or dust.


2. Reach the Unreachable

Because you only have to do it once a week, you have to reach and clean everything to avoid the dust for the whole week. You can reach top of your cabinets, wardrobe, lamps, or anything that you can reach which possibly perched by the dust and germ.

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3. Replace

Replace your bed sheets, pillow case, and anything washable you can replace. It prevents you from any problem of your skin since you have a lot of contact with them everyday. Do not forget to do the laundry to make them ready for the next replacement.

Replacing Cloths

4. Fridge

Fridge is one of the most important things in your house, especially in the kitchen. Since it is an important storage of your food and drink to make them last longer, it can be one of the most important things in your life. But many people forget or don’t really know that it has to be cleaned periodically to keep it work properly. Clean it once a week to keep your supplies save in their cold and hygienic storage.

Cabinet Cleaning

5. Special Tool For Special Material

If you have some wooden material, take care of them with the special tool or cleaner made for the material. If you have a parquet floor, you have to decide the right tool to clean them up to make the material keeps on good condition and lasts longer

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6. Sink

Have a lot of contact with water doesn’t make your sink become the cleanest place in your house. Otherwise, it can be the dirtiest place since water is a good medium to develop a lot of bacteria. Clean them once a week or even everyday after you use it. Make it clean and always dry if it is not used.


7. The Advantage of Vacuum Cleaner

Sometimes you have to use a good technology to save more time and energy. Use vacuum cleaner to clean your rugs and couch, or the unreachable place such as the ceiling and the other high place at your house.

Vacuum Cleaner

8. Bathroom

This place have to be cleaned with special treatment, since it has a lot of potential to grow the unwanted. Make sure you are not only using an aromatic cleaner, but also the antiseptic one to prevent any unwanted bacteria to accompany your bath time.

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Do not wait until the house become a mess. Clean it periodically to prevent any unwanted case caused by the dirty house, because it is the place you spend most of your time in. Be discipline with your cleaning schedule!

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