DIY Wall Mounted Desk Really Work for Your Home Office

Every time you circumspect your house, you must have been imagining about a unique and beautiful furniture. If that is the case, why don’t you try a floating desk design to make your room look modern? Or read our roundup about DIY Pallet Desk & DIY Pipe Desk. You can combine it with any of house decoration or make it with your ideas. If you want to make a floating desk, the most important thing is to make your wall as its base. And use these DIY wall mounted desk ideas to storage your creativity. So, it will look like it is in the air which is very cool and modern for your house decoration. Of course, you can make this one by yourself with some creativity.

 1. Floopy Floating

An elegant and nice wall mounted desk is always be made by a good hand, but after all, the most important thing is which one could save all your home office necessities well. Just like this!

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Space Saver: 22 Wall-Mounted Desks to Buy or DIY

2. Pave Wood

A casual and ordinary wall mounted desk, but it turns into something wonderful by the presence of pretty standing lamp and messy schedule board on the wall. Reflecting what work is.

Space Saver: 22 Wall-Mounted Desks to Buy or DIY | Brit + Co

3. Futuristic Star

A clean and homey design of wall mounted desk is obtained from the perfect material, just like this modern white desk appliance. It shows you how formal working can be much fun instead of just sitting!

22 Wall Mounted Desks Designs | DIY & Home | Pinterest

4. Deck Construct

It might be one of the simplest yet easiest way to create a useful and chic wall mounted desk. You don’t need an extra effort, the oak wood has performed its own beauty at its best already.

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5. Lineria Red

Nothing best than the composition of porcelain and wood on a furniture, there you get it on this red desk appliance. In order to put some more fresh looking of view, put some your favorite notes on the framed black board. Way creative!

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6. Magnolian Glass

Here comes the luxurious version of wall mounted desk! The glass covering table will ensure you to get your work activities run very well. Mind to give some more table decoration there to sweeten your eyes seeing.

Space Saver: 22 Wall-Mounted Desks to Buy or DIY | Brit + Co

7. Compact Pocket

Just like the multiple function of an office desk, this cute little compact wall mounted desk offers you more than working space but more than it. It will enhance you to know how luxurious it is to be doing your work alone and way more productive.

Arco Desk Box (roughly $1,094): The front “triangle” of this ...

8. Celebrity Wonder

As a productive worker, sometimes you will need to have an extra space to put all your files and stuffs there. A quite pretty wall mounted ideas as shown below can be your best choice to apply. Spacious but save much!

Pinned It, Made It, Loved It: DIY Mounted Wall Desk - The Crafted Life

9. Jungle Stand

Yes it is real! The appliance of wall mounted desk is not always being attached on the wall, it has its own dependency sometimes, just like this! Worth to try.

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Space Saver: 22 Wall-Mounted Desks to Buy or DIY | Brit + Co

10. Taylor Spray

A creative thinker might do beyond casual to modify his work area. For example putting some sprayer as the wall mounted decoration and a line of holder around. It’s just way to cute at the end!

Pinned It, Made It, Loved It: DIY Mounted Wall Desk - The Crafted Life


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