16 Dazzling Desk Lamps Inspiration to Boost Your Mood

Sitting for work or study is a stressful activity for some people, moreover if they have undone tasks from the office or school. In that case, they have to bring up the working or studying mood to sustain their productivity. One of the favorite ways to boost the mood is by choosing the right furniture to accompany the work. One of the most important thing in the working desk is a desk lamp.

Having a unique or good-looking desk lamp psychologically will increase the working energy. It gives a good vibes and increase productivity. There are thousand of desk lamp ideas we can find in the internet, and we’ve collected some of the best ones for you. Here are 16 Dazzling Desk Lamps Inspiration to Boost Your Mood, take a look.

1. Industrial Desk Lamp

Industrial Style Desk Lamp With Ikea Fas - IKEA Hackers - IKEA Hackers

2. Modern Wood and Metal for a Desk Lamp


3. Modern Silver Metal Desk Lamp

Modern Desk Lamp Ideas — Lighting Models


4. Brass Desk lamp

desk lamp digital photograph ideas small desk lamp small desk lamp

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5. Contemporary Wooden Desk Lamp

Unique Lamp Desk Made of Wine Bottle and Reclaimed Wood – Quercus

6. Orange Adjustable Desk Lamp

vintage halogen desk lamp Furniture Good Ideas For Reading Lamp

7. Modern Wooden Desk Lamp

Oak Wood Table Lamp Ardea by Amitrani 1

8. Innovative Metal Desk Lamp

innovative desk lamp Rima - Interior Design, Architecture and

9. Industrial Pipe and Bottle Desk Lamp

30 Amazing Diy Bottle Lamp Ideas

10. Desk Lamp in Funny Character

Metal Table Desk Lamp By Federico Churba Desk Lamps Cool Desk

11. Bicycle Wheel Desk Lamp

Besospoke Bicycle Desk Lamp - Big DIY Ideas

12. Modern Minimalist Black Desk Lamp

extrusion in a modern desk lamp format. CNC machined aluminium base

13. Antique Adjustable Desk Lamp

Desk Lamp Models! | Room Decorating Ideas & Home Decorating Ideas

14. Unique CCTV-like Desk Lamp


15. Blue Retro Desk Lamp

Desk lamp for children – cool ideas! | 1 Decor

16. Crane Desk Lamp

Creative Office Lamp Designs

After all you have to remember that you have to keep and increase your productivity after getting the boosting mood from your favorite desk lamp. Have a good productive time!


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