Create Your Indoor Oases -12 Beautiful Personal Library Ideas

Books are our timeless friends. They are our best friends, philosophers and guides. Books, like a true friend stand by us through thick and thin. They uphold and encourage us when we feel sad and despondent. This days we see so much books around. There have never been so many lovely, different books around, both new and second-hand, and everyone needs books. The more you read, the richer you are inside. More and more, people are building or adding an extra room where they can put and save their books.

We put together a post with 12 beautiful personal libraries, bearing within knowledge and acting as a refuge from the hectic lifestyle characterizing big cities.

1.Basement Personal Library

If you are confused what you are going to do with your basement, make it your antique personal library rather that keeping it empty and useless. A lot of wood can make your personal library looks unique, warm and beautifully old-styled, just like the one you see in the old or science fiction movies.


2. Personal Library in Light Wooden Interior and Good Lighting

Make your personal library in a wooden-interior. Light wood and homy interior would make anyone comfortable and able so spend a lot of time in it. One good point that can make your library even better is giving it a very big glass to perfectly transfer the light from the outside. Sure it will be beautiful and energy-saving.

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Good Lighting

3. Unique Space-saving Personal Library

If you have not enough or no place at all, you may try this idea of a personal library. Unique place that nobody ever wonder that it could be a good place for their book collection. The down area with your stuffs, connected with a thin stair, you can find your mini personal library on the top area of the room.

Round Room

4. Relieving Personal Library

Sometimes the feel of relieving and relaxing is not about the books only. It is also about the library’s interior and atmosphere. Many people create a unique way to transfer light and view to their library. If you want to apply it to yours, maybe you can adopt the idea from the picture below.

Dropping Visual

5. White Shelf and Comfy Corner Couch

White is a very neutral and relaxing color. It makes the room clean and comfortable. Applying them to your personal library is never be a bad idea. Look at the design below, with white book shelf on the wall and comfortable big couch in the corner. Seems like no one would leave the room easily.

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White and Big Sofa

6. Cover Color-based Book Arrangement

If you are a creative minded person and don’t really put a matter on arranging the book based on the subject, maybe this book arrangement idea would help you to get a little inspiration. Putting the book based on their cover’s color and see the rainbow of book over the book shelf is another unique and relieving view for a personal library.

Color section

7. Idea for a Large Room

If you have a large space to build a personal library, make them with a wooden furniture and a lot of lighting. First, it is energy saving, as you don’t have to turn any lamp as long as the light from the outside is enough. Second, it can give a good view and make the room  looks even bigger.

Large Room8. Personal Library in Minimalist Interior

Minimalist interior design is not a big deal for having a personal library. You can have them by adopting the idea below. With minimalist black book shelf and minimalist interior room lighting, your personal library could become one of the best modern-looked libraries.

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Minimalist Library

9. Personal Library in a Wall of Comfortable Living Room

You don’t have to make a special room to build a personal library. If your collection can fit in one wall, you can make the library in your comfortable living room. It can persuade everyone to read more books too as they spend their time in it.

Living Room Library

10. Under The Stairs

Under stair space is not a bad space idea for a personal library, too. With some unique decorations accompanying your book collection, it can turn your under stair to be a catchy and space-saving personal library.

Under the stairs

11. Big White Book Shelf and Stair

Never get enough for white furniture? Make your personal be in one of your favorite color. White book shelf and stairs for your plenty book collection will keep them tidy and still make the interior looks catchy.

A wall with stair

12. Top Floor and Good Lighting

It is a good news if you have a useless top floor with a good lighting. Make them your personal library! Nothing can be more relaxing that a lot of books, high view, and comfy couches.

A lot of lighting

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