Concrete Flooring for Extraordinary Home Design

Thinking about adding a concrete floor to your home? There are a number of concrete floor finishes that you could choose for the interior of your home design needs. Here we give you several choices of concrete floor which you might give a try to put at home. You have to be ready for some consideration before you really apply it. When you think of concrete floors, you probably think it will be “cold” or “so industrial”. In fact, you do not need to be worry. The ability to shade on color and polished sheen may become your new favorite on future project. Find your favorite one soon!

1. Burgundy Brown

The accent of calm and cold blend in balance together in this contemporary house design. The shade of burgundy brown will add some more relaxing and futuristic effect on whole outlook of the house looking. Really worth to try!

Cool and Modern Concrete Floors

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2. Cement Mozaic

You might think it is one chill floor appliance ever made at a glance, but once you try to step and live on it, you will know why it is worth to try. It is so sophisticated and blend harmonized with the nature of the home mood!

Concrete Polishing

3. Plain Transparent 

A simple yet comfy house does not need too much interior touches to make it be real and elegant more. Just a simple plain concrete floors which enables you to step and lie on it even without a rug on!

Concrete Floors

4. Glossy Palm

At a glance, it looks like the wet and oily floors. Then you’ve got mislead! It is only all about glossy effect of the pretty concrete floors. The wood material has just made its beauty reflected even more. Once in a life time, you should give it a try!


5. Spotty Porcelain

This probably the most common used concrete floor by many people nowadays. It is not only beautiful and simple, but also has something different which attract everyone’s attention on it.

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Polished Concrete Floors

6. Dark Celair 

This dark chill concrete floors made from ceramic porcelain is really suitable and proper to be applied in outdoor space of your house. The hot weather should need a balance, therefore this kind of floor comes for you.

Polished concrete floors

7. Clear Burgundy

This clear burgundy concrete floor would be best applied at your kitchen and dining room area. Why? Those are the most messy and dirty easy space among all house areas, and the clear concrete floor will just balance it well with the tidy and clean effect. Why don’t you want to try?

Concrete Floors Clean

8. Neat Marmer 

Many think that this will cost a lot of money but it is totally wrong. The appliance of neat concrete floor can be so on budget if you know how to choose the proper choice for you. Just like the image below.

Concrete Floor Finishes

9. Wood Stock

Calm and warm home design would be so match to be suited with wooden concrete floor with a little glossy effect around the room. It blends in harmony with the furniture within the wall. Perfect, isn’t it?

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Polished Concrete Glossy Floors

10. Crystal Pale 

This is it! The spectacular and sophisticated ones of innovative concrete floor for your tropical luxurious home design. There is no need word to say anymore, decide your own choice now!

Concrete Flooring Pros

11. Bogana Shade

The bogana concrete floor always be successful to turn your ordinary home design into something complex in way prettier and enchanting way. Just like this, don’t you agree?

PolishedConcrete Floors

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