11 Extraordinary Ceramic Toilet Paper Holder Ideas

Toilet paper is one of the most important thing in a bathroom in western style toilet. To keep it hygiene and neat,  you will need a proper holder to keep it. The most common material to be used as a toilet paper holder is ceramic. But nowadays, ceramic toilet paper holder should not always in a boring shape or color. We’ve collected 11 extraordinary ceramic toilet paper holder ideas you can adopt for your toilet. Take a look and enjoy reading!

1. Unique ‘Hand’ Ceramic Toilet Paper Holder

Who ever wonder that hand-shaped ceramics will be a quirky idea for a toilet paper holder? Instead of the common ceramic toilet paper holder, this idea will be a perfect idea to try. It reflects the uniqueness of the toilet or house owner.


2. Simple Ceramic Toilet Paper Holder

Have a simple white ceramic toilet paper to complete your simple toilet. It will give you a neutral and clean look for your toilet.

3. White Ceramic Toilet Paper Roll Holder

Ceramic toilet paper is not always have to be hold by attaching the holder in the center roll of the paper. You can also find a holder that allows you to have a simple installation of a toilet paper. You only have to put the toilet paper and pull the paper from the available space under the toilet paper holder.

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4. Colorful Robot Head in Ceramic Toilet Paper Holder

Ceramic toilet paper holder should not be boring and all in white color. If you want to have a ceramic toilet paper in a unique way, you can steal this idea of colorful ceramic robot toilet paper holders. The simple shape of robot character is good to be a modification for a toilet paper holder. Moreover, you can freely choose the color to match them with your toilet concept.


5. Rusty Ceramic Toilet Paper Holder

Who said that ceramic toilet paper cannot go with a rusty style? Look at the picture below to steal the look of rusty ceramic toilet paper holder and make your toilet unique!


6. Simple and Thin White Ceramic Toilet Paper Holder

If you only have a small space to stick the toilet paper holder in your toilet wall, this idea might be the best idea for you. Simple white and thin ceramic toilet paper holder that will fit the small space on your toilet wall.

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7. Closed Built-In Ceramic Toilet Paper Holder

A lot of people really concern about the hygiene of their toilet paper. The only way to make them feel good about the cleanliness of their toilet paper is by choosing the right toilet paper holder. Since white ceramic is the most favorite material to be used as a toilet paper holder, choose the right shape to keep the toilet paper safe.

This closed built-in ceramic toilet paper holder idea might be a good idea for everyone who have the mentioned purpose in having a toilet paper. It is also a space-savvy for your toilet.


8. Cubical Ceramic Toilet Paper Holder

I’ve mentioned about the ceramic toilet paper holder which simplify the way you install the toilet paper by only putting it directly without. You can also have it in a different shape but still as stylish as the mentioned before. The simplest shape is the cubical space that ergonomically beautiful. Look at the picture below to proof the statement.


9. Seashell-Shaped Ceramic Toilet Paper Holder

Again, a ceramic toilet paper holder should not always come in a boring space. It can also modified into some unique shapes, just like what you can see from the picture below for one of the shape reference.

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10. Baby Blue Ceramic Toilet Paper Holder

Who can resist to have a cure baby blue ceramic toilet paper holder in their toilet? The calming color which provide a fresh look for a toilet. You can have it in a space-savvy shape just like what you can see from the picture below.


11. Red Ceramic Standing Toilet Paper Holder

Ceramic toilet paper holder is not always have to be attached on the wall. There are a lot kind of ceramic standing toilet paper holder. To make it looks unique, be brave in selecting the the color for it. You can also have a catchy toilet by having the matching color of your closet an the ceramic standing toilet paper holder.


Have you found your ceramic toilet paper holder choice? Do not be afraid to try something extraordinary for one of the most important parts in your room. Enjoy experimenting with your toilet!

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