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You can start designing a stylish apartment living room by painting your living room into fancy and classy theme. There are a lot of fancy colour variation that you may choose such as magenta, pinkish fancy, dark fancy, leaf fancy and etc. Choose the one that being the most appropriate with your personality and style. If you do not brave enough to paint fancy living room, you better use fancy living room wall paper to give such accent. The result will be the same and you even can mix and match the colour more with another matching colour.

Furthermore, you can give some touch on the fancy living room furniture. If you already have a fancy living room wall, please use other soft or less bright colour for your living room furniture such as white, corn yellow or grass green. It aims to balance the super bright fancy colour reflection on your living room. Applying fancy living room theme can be tricky, but if you know how to combine the furniture and colour theme well, it does not matter at all. What are you waiting for then? Go styling your boring apartment living room theme into fancy!

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 1. Messy Rainbow

Messy does not always mean dirty and bad. Of course, you will instantly change your mind about messy when you look at this messy rainbow theme of apartment living room decor. Look at the cute red and blue pillows above grey spot sofa accent and red accent rug to balance the soft white theme of the wall appliance. So beautiful, isn’t it?

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2. Red and White Kiss

Super clean and fresh yet so elegant and sophisticated. Those quotes might describe this clean freak modern apartment living room decor which located within the city view. It looks like nothing can beat the sensation of viewing the beautiful light of a city life while having a cup of good coffee in lovely one cuddling. So perfectly romantic nuance!

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3. Pumpkin Soul

A simple yet so prominent and amazing soft living room decoration with the airy light lighting design best suit everyone needs there. The pumpkin soul is everywhere since it uses the creamy pumpkin color as the main theme of the room. It’s not bad at all, yet it is so breath-taking cool!

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4. Airy Tropical Glow

The white windows treatment model can never be more balanced by the presence of hot red stuff of the stand lamp and tribal pillows accent above the holy white sofa. The tropical essence is reflected by the presence of airy sun light reflection shadowing from the white curtain. So dramatic and fresh!

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5. Tropical Muse

The mystery light of sunshine becomes more complete and cool within this resort apartment model of living room decoration. Mind to have the beauty of this wooden peel of tropical muse by instantly change the room temptation into such modern and traditional one. The appliance of cream sofa in white has just make it way and way more perfect.

Truly Amazing Apartment Living Room Ideas

6. Theater Musical Mood

This might best suit for bachelor person who never take a mind too much about the ornament. Their pure music soul doze will just embody the outlook of the room in a nice touch. A super large screen with collection of CD will impress and joy everyone to dance the soul together!

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