Complete Guide And Comparison Carpet vs Hardwood

Hardwood and Carpet are not compared to get which is better. Both of them contain an equal amount of greatness with their own different usage and need.

Carpet and hardwood is two most favourite and classic choice for flooring. Before you comparing this two popular flooring, you have to understand what you need and how the surrounding furniture style is applied first. Overall, hardwood is choosen when you need a luxury and long term usage beneath your feet. While carpet is usually choosen when you need a softness and a regularly updated tone. Each of them are unique.

We provide a balanced and unbiased guide about carpet and hardwood flooring.

Hardwood – Why and When to Choose

1. Shows High Economy Class

The main consideration of people when buying home stuffs is about budgeting. When you have a good funding, hardwood will also be a good symbol of economy. When it comes to the cost, hardwood is much more expensive than carpet. Afterall, this is worth to the benefits you get when choosing hardwood.

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2. Luxury

As mentioned above, hardwood flooring is choosen when you need to upgrade the class of your flooring. The natural impression which comes from the dark-glossy toned wood is an instant escalation to luxury. There is a new innovation about hardwood flooring with simple installation which provides interlock. Check out EZ-Floor Interlocking Flooring Tiles by Bare Decor. Besides it’s luxury design, this product comes with interlocking innovation to strengthen their internal bonding.

Interlocking Hardwood Flooring Block. See this product via

3. Ease of Cleaning

Since it is a hard and compact material, the dust and dirt will stay above it’s surface. A regular sweeping, vacuum, and mopping the floor is more than enough to keep it nice and strong for decades. In other side, carpet is known by it’s ability to hide small debris. Makes it hard to be cleaned.

4. Natural and Ecological Friendly

Carpet is mostly made from petroleum, a very limited resource and one that is not natural in any way. Hardwood is a natural material made from trees that can be replanted and degraded. Even though you still need to make sure the company that you buy hardwood from are doing their production sustainably.

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Carpet – Why and When to Choose

1. Economical

The time to update your flooring style is coming, but you just have limited amount of money. This condition leads to a conclusion that carpet is the best choice for you.

2. Dynamic Design Option

Some people are easily get bored. For those who needs to redesign their interior scheme regularly, carpet are there for a good reason. Another point about carpet dynamism is it’s free customisation of area covered.

3. Ultra Softness
While hardwood feels uncomfortable by its harder material. Carpet comes with it’s softness and great for your bare feet. Sometimes children accidentally fallen to the floor and got a serious injury. With its fluffiness, carpet is a safe solution to be applied. It is also fix the problem of loud noise when we step on the hard surface floor. One brilliant example of carpet with it’s softness is Safavieh California Premium. You can also browse other great carpet by Safavieh.

Ultra Soft Rug / See This Safavieh Product in

4. Warmth
Carpet is going to be much warmer than hardwood floors, especially on a chilly winter morning. It acts not only like a blanket for your feet, but it also helps to insulate the room, ensuring that warmth remains indoors and doesn’t slip through more porous flooring materials. Dense carpeting with a good bonded polyurethane padding beneath can create an R-value of 4 or more, meaning that the warmth carpeting lends to a room is very real.

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As you can see, both have each benefits depends on your need. Again, it is not a matter of which is better, but what is most suitable with your need.

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