7 Steps Easy DIY Carpet Tile Installation Methods

We often pay an extra fee for hiring some professionals to install a carpet tile in our house. but do we really need that if we got a clear guidance to do it correctly by ourselves?

This articel provides the correct installation methods for your flooring design, ensuring you to get the very best in terms of finish and functionality. We recommend following our installation guidance to get the most durable and attractive results.

Tools You Need :

  • Gloves
  • Carpet Knife
  • Tape Measure
  • Fans
  • Putty Knife
  • Metal Tray
  • Vacuum / Broom
  • Mop
  • Paint Roller
  • Wood 2X4
  • Chalk Snap

Materials :

  • Carpet Tile (of course)
  • Concrete Patch
  • Concrete Sealant or Polyurethane

1. Remove Your Old Flooring

Removing old tiles / diynetwork.com

Why do we need to remove old flooring?
Basically you can just put your new carpet tile on top of your old flooring. But actually there’s some issue in this method. While this can save time and energy, it does have some the risk of the adhesive not bonding to the material. Another issue is that if the floor has dimensional features such as grout lines, or textures, it will be possible to feel that through the carpet.

2. Remove Your Furniture

Remove/Move the furnitures / image via wikimedia commos

We all agree that it is easier to do some work in a clear work area. You can get a free movement and workflow when all the disturbing furniture removed.

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3. Patching Cracks and Gaps

It is important to have a flat and even floor surface in order to make our installation job easier. Do it early because any dangerous gaps will be so hard to spot when your floor is completely covered.

4. Clean The Surface From Dirts

The next step is clean the whole surface area from any dust and dirt. This step is very important to get the carpet tile adhesive is able to form the strongest bond possible.

You can start by sweeping and vacuuming the entire area. Be patient repeating this cleaning step until you are no longer able to generate any dust with your motions.

Sweeping and or vacuuming will get rid of most of the offending particles, however, you still need to mop the floor up to lock the very small particle with water. The floor will have to be completely dry before installation as well.

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5. Apply The Sealant

The type of sealant that you use will be determined by the type of subfloor you are trying to protect. Concrete subfloor is need to use a specific concrete chemical. Wood will require a polyurethane mix. These can be applied using a paint roller and a metal tray, or sprayed on using a water bottle or aerosol can. Generally, one or two applications will be enough. When complete, wait at least an hour for it to dry. 

6. Measure and Mark Layout

It is important to do a precission control before actually install the carpet tile. Determining the center area and any other measurement things is vital.

Brick Configuration
Quarter Turned
Herringbone / Image via www.amtico.com

7. Installing The Carpet Tile

Carpet Tile Install. www.hbfuller.com

Many carpet tiles have a paper or plastic backing that can be removed to reveal adhesive which is ready to bond to the floor. Others will require you to add the glue yourself.

Gently press the tiles into place. Work backward along the line towards the wall. It will create a single row which can be used to guide the rest of your efforts.

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When it comes to an asymmetric corner, you can do a custom cuts in order to fit the carpet perfectlly to the existing surface.

Carpet tile is an easy solution to enchance the look of your flooring. When it installed properly, it will keep looks good for 5 – 8 years long. It is also easy to uninstall the carpet tile when it times is over.

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