15 Bizarre Cactus Home Decoration Ideas

Inviting a natural atmosphere to your interior design is not only about greenery or other mainstream plants. Placing a unique cactus inside your lovely room will be a brilliant game changer.

Cactus is a good alternative to bring a unique feeling in your interior design. Its bizarre shape will be a fresh addition when you get bored with your old decoration style. Before you read our recommendations of great ideas to decorate your house using cactus, you should understand the basic knowledge about cactus.

Now after you have well equipped with cactus basics understanding, it is your time to explore 15 ways to decorate your house using cactus.

1. Cute Cactus In A Glass

Put a cute little cactus inside your glass or jar, then place it in line to make a cactus squad.

Succulents inside a glass. Image via Global.rakuten.com

2. Wooden Frame Cactus For Wall Decoration

Basically, you can either put this unique decoration on the wall, or on your beloved table instead.

A Contemporary Wall Decor. Image via https://i.pinimg.com

3. Hanging Terrarium

A glass terarium planter with a gold lines will bring elegance to the spot.

Teratium With A Beautiful Glass Frame. Image via Fashionindahat.com

4. Natural Woven Pot

A plain woven planter made of a natural composition is awesome. In addition you can also paint them with 2 or 3 color combination.

Big Cactus Plant Inside a Natural Woven Planter. Image via Decorfacil.com

5. Cactus On A Work Desk

A working desk is where all the productivity comes from. A cactus near you will be a good medicine to refresh your eyes.

A Stress Relief On Top Of Work Desk. Image via Decorfacil.com

6. A Center Point

You can place several cactus paintings on the wall, then a real cactus in a pot for the ultimate center point.

A Real Cactus Inside A Pot. Image via Decorfacil.com

7. A Corner Refreshes

Mark the corner spot with a beautiful cactus inside a terracotta pot.

Big Echinopsis In A Teracotta Pot. Image via Decorfacil.com

8. Mini Cactus In A Guest Room Table

Mini cactus will force every friends and family member to adore them in a cute way.

Compilation of A Mini Cacti. Image via Decorfacil.com

9. Cactus Decor On The Stairs

Sometimes, stair is abandoned as an empty space without any decoration added. Adding cactus in each of its footsteps will enrich the look of your old stair.

cactus on a stair. Image via Lushome.com

10. A Modest Natural Wooden Cactus Rack

A simple natural pine wood rack is more than good to be placed inside your favorite room.

Pine Wood Cactus Rack. Image via Gurudecor.com

11. Fun Colored Room With Cactus

Use as much as bright color to your room, then place a big cactus to give a good balanced look.

Colorful Room Scheme. Image via: Decorfacil.com

12. Cactus With Trunks Planter

Natural over a natural real plants. What is more sounds natural about that?

Forest Atmosphere. Image via Feedmydesign.com

13. Cactus Garden Inside Your House

Using under the stair space to make a cactus garden is a brilliant idea to enhance your living room. Remember to add a white natural stone on the very top of growing media.

Cactus Garden Under A Stair. Image via Feedmydesign.com

14. Cactus Library

A brutal cactus attack inside your house. May be it sounds too much, but in fact it is a great decoration idea afterall.

A Massive Number Of Cactus. Image via https://i.pinimg.com

15. Stylish Bohemian Wall Decor

There are so many variation in terms of wall decoration out there. Try to make a new buzz with this bohemian style cactus wall decor.

Bohemian Style Wall With Cacti. Image via : https://i.pinimg.com/

After you got tons of cactus home decor inspiration, you can now apply which you love inside your house!

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