23 Best Simple Workspace Ideas to Boost Your Creativity!

According to a survey from the International Interior Design Association (IIDA), there is a correlation between workspace design with the productivity. The 63% from 1,206 full-time U.S employees said they are satisfied regarding with the survey’s statement whether they like going to work or not. Besides, there are 80% of the respondents said they loved working in a good office design. In conclusion, an excellent working space design will not only boost productivity but also the satisfaction of the employee which this will relate to their working performance. Hence, in this article, we provide you with some great simple workspace ideas you can adapt.

  1. Simple Workspace with Plain Wall Background

Photo by : Burst
Simple Workspace Idea 1/Burst www.pexels.com

Some people might think great design should be full of accessories. Conversely, this creates clutter in your workspace and lead you to a stressful moment during the hectic days which looks messier and small. But with the huge windows and brick wall design as your background will make an illusion of a large space. It is also due to the color choice; the ivory white and some pastel hues making it blend well with other furniture.

2. Huge Frames and Play The Bulky Furniture

Simple Workspace Idea 2 www.pexels.com

Are you planning to create an open space? Of course, you need the spacious room which is trickier to manage. Many experts play it with huge frames and bulky stuff. Believe us, it is more compelling if you combine it with the white wall painting and colorful frames.

3. Make It Face Against The Huge Windows

simple workspace ideas 3
Simple workspace idea 3 www.pexels.com

The big reason why most employees cannot concentrate during the working time is due to the boredom and lack of fresh look. Naturally, we love greeny things and scenery. Set your workspace facing against the window and put some cute green plants around it. It breaks the boredom.

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4. Go with The Monochrome

Simple workspace ideas
Simple workspace ideas 4 pixabay.com

The monochrome theme is not a bad idea if you make a perfect lighting set.

5. Accessories Matter!

Simple Workspace Idea 5 www.pexels.com

Never underestimate small accessories on your table. These can boost the look dramatically.

6. Install Shelves On The Wall

Simple Workspace Ideas 6 - image via pexels/ Tranmautritam
Simple Workspace Ideas 6 www.pexels.com

If you have a tiny workspace, installing shelves on the wall boost the appearance and help you add your things. This also looks cute for some accessories.

7. Decorate Your Room With The Natural Things

image via
Simple Workspace Ideas 7 pixabay.com

The plants are incredible on creating a nice look. It refresh your mind when you are bored. You can set some small vases around your desk.

8. Set The Frames Vertically

Simple Workspace Idea 8 unsplash.com

If your workspace should be in your bedroom which is too tiny, you can arrange some frames with various size vertically. Adding a plan on your shelve will create a statement point.

9. Stick with Simplicity

Simple Workspace Idea 9 unsplash.com  
The simplicity is not boring if you set it properly. A huge rug, small plans on the desk and some nice books are perfect!

10. A Table Lamp Can Make A Statement

Simple Workspace Idea 10
Simple Workspace Idea 10 unsplash.com

A green table lamp combined with the small plant and grey color scheme help a lot!

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11. Huge Screen with Some Stuff Next To It

Simple Workspace Idea 10 - image via Unsplah/Carl Heyerdahl
Simple Workspace Idea 11 - image via Unsplah/Carl Heyerdahl unsplash.com

Another way of creating a nice workspace is by putting a large screen and some stuff next to it. You can buy a large screen and place shelves next to your desk to make it reachable.

12. Keep It Minimalist

Simple Workspace Idea 12/Lisa Fotios www.pexels.com

Keeping everything minimalist is the key point of having a good looking workspace. Sometimes you don’t have to put too many things that result too much clutter.

13. Play with White

Simple Workspace Idea 13/Serpstat www.pexels.com

The white color might sound boring, but when you know how to make it in a balance proportion, you will see this can boost your mood.

14. Create A Nice Lighting Set

Simple Workspace Idea 14 www.pexels.com

One of the most important thing you have to underline is the lighting set. Even though it is a table lamp. Position it in a proper way; in terms of appearance or your comfort.

15. Make Gradation On Wall Painting

Simple Workspace Idea 15/Mateusz Dach www.pexels.com

Instead of bright colors or picking the white, you can play the dark shade and play the gradation. After that, set the lighting to make you be able read and reach everything during the work.

16. Open Space Concept Are OK!

Simple Workspace Idea 16 pixabay.com

Some people just really hate the open space working place because it is full of distraction, but when you make it more fun, this is more convenient to see.

17. A Pair of Audio System on the Desk Would Be Great

Simple Workspace Idea 17/Jeff Sheldon unsplash.com

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Instead of picking to many accessories, you can chose a unique design for your working stuff. Probably this helps you!

18. Go Vintage!!

Simple Workspace Idea 18/Vadim Sherbakov unsplash.com

Going vintage? Why not! You can have some wooden furniture and some storage with vintage design. Beautiful right?

19. Spacious Space Is The Best!

Simple Workspace Idea 19/Hutomo Abrianto unsplash.com

Working in a spacious space is un-comparable that you can be free to move and do your things. Just think about some accessories you like.

20. Try The Contemporary Working Space

Simple Workspace Idea 20/Gabriel Beaudry unsplash.com
A contemporary workingspace design is space avoid you from the boredom. You don’t need to set all of your furniture with the contemporary stuff, simply use one chair that make a statement point.

21. Your Most Wanted Accessories!

Simple Workspace Idea 21 /Rob Bye unsplash.com

For example you can add the surfing board just like on the picture. Or you can put another bulky thing near your desk. That would be wonderful.

22. Play Contrast

Simple Workspace Idea 22/Norbert Levajsics unsplash.com

If you pick the right color, playing contrast will boost your working space appearance. The white and yellow are perfect combinations.

23. One Bold Color For a Focal Point

Simple Workspace Idea 23/Bench Accounting unsplash.com

One bold color always works for a focal point. Just like this brown chair and the white workingspace concept.

So, that’s our best recommendations for your workingspace design. Leave us a comment if you have another great thing to share. Don’t forget subscribe and share our page!

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