Beautifully Tough, 14 Timeless Brass Floor Lamp Ideas

Solid brass is an alloy metal made from copper and zinc. There are many manufacturing methods used to create the hardware, including wrought, forged, cast and die-cut processes. Solid brass is a strong and durable metal. Unlike aluminum and plated steel, a solid brass fixture won’t need to be replaced because of rust or corrosion.

When you choose floor lamp in this finish it will come in a deep bronze-like color. The coating will be distressed to mimic years of wear, unlike the Modern Floor Lamp and Contemporary Floor Lamp. This finish has a golden hue and works in a variety of vintage styled room.

Let’s have more inspirations of brass floor lamp. Here is 14 Timeless Brass Floor Lamps Ideas we’ve collected.

1. Antique Brass Floor Lamp

Brass is often related to antique fixtures since it is a timeless material for any furniture. For a floor lamp, there are hundreds of antique brass floor lamp ideas you can find on the internet. But, this unique antique brass floor lamp idea might be a good choice for you.

Stilux Milano Adjustable Brass Floor Lamp For Sale at 1stdibs

2. Boom Arm Brass Floor Lamp

Boom arm floor lamp or any kind of lamp is always have a good place in everyone’s heart. When in finished with brass, it turns to be more and more impressive just like it is a hundreds aged fixture and able to survive for hundreds more years!


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3. Farmhouse Brass Floor Lamp

A farmhouse lamp will turn to be a unique floor lamp when it has a brass finish. It makes a fresh concept for brass finish even though it is old-fashioned look.

Dimond Lighting 65101-1 Farmhouse Antique Brass Floor Lamp Fixture

4. Brass Floor Lamp with White Bell Lamp Shade

Let’s have a classic touch with a brass finish. Steal this brass floor lamp with white bell lamp shade. It will perfectly match and support the classic-styled room.

Teardrop Brass Floor Lamp | Microsun Lamps

5. Luxurious Brass Floor Lamp with English Shallow Drum Lamp Shade

If you are looking for a luxurious brass floor lamp design, you are in the right place. This idea of luxurious brass floor lamp with English shallow drum lamp shade will perfectly fulfill your need.

Twist Brass Floor Lamp Black Shade | Floor Lamps | Lamps | Home Decor

6. 3 Lights Brass Floor Lamp

This idea is a great thing to have if you are looking for a multiple lights floor lamp. With classic shaped and brass polished will give a stunning look for your chosen lighting. Steal the idea from the picture below.

The Lighting Book BOSTON antique brass floor lamp with 3 bulbs

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7. Light Brass Adjustable Floor Lamp

Having flexibility as its advantage, floor lamp will be loved more by this idea. This light brass floor lamp is adjustable, you can set the height and the angle of the light based on your need. The stunning light brass finish makes it more impressive. Why still have a doubt in having this kind of useful fixture?

Polished Brass Adjustable Pharmacy Floor Lamp | Floor Lamps | Lamps

8. Custom Modern Brass Floor Lamp

three tubular brass rods, joined with circular shaped brass ball joints, and a patinated brass shade, all resting on a modified penny foot. Fab design and excellent quality.

Interpretation of a Traditional Brass Floor Lamp For Sale at 1stdibs

9. Mid-Century Styled Brass Floor Lamp

Brimming with modern appeal, this beautiful task floor light is perhaps our most irresistible floor lamps in our collection!

Modern Triennale Floor Lamp Milano in Brass | Stardust

10. Contemporary Multiple Lights Brass Floor Lamp

When you think that brass-finished floor lamp always come in antique or old-fashioned shape, you are totally wrong. Look at the design of this contemporary multiple lights brass floor lamp. It is worth to compete with the other modern or contemporary floor lamps.

Lightolier Brass and Glass Floor Lamp at 1stdibs

11. Curtis Jere Brass Floor Lamp

Another choice for double-lighting floor lamp idea. This Curtis Jere design makes the brass floor lamp, turn into a whole unique fixtures everyone dare to have one.

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12.Multi Light Brass Floor Lamp

This brass floor lamp idea is also proofing that brass floor lamp is not always come in such old style. Multiple crystal light with brass polish stand creates a stunning modern fixture for a room.

Oaks 2184/6 FL PB Lana 6 light Polished Brass Floor Lamp

13. Unique Brass Floor Lamp with Cylinder Lamp Shade

This is what you can find when brass floor lamp adopts the contemporary style of decoration. Total modification of a floor lamp, where both of the element-stand and the lamp shade-is in a unique and stunning shape.

Unique 1960s Walnut and Brass Floor Lamp For Sale at 1stdibs

14. Asian Lantern Inspired Brass Floor Lamp

Everyone knows the uniqueness and the beauty of Asian lantern. But, what if it comes to be a floor lamp? Brass floor lamp seems to be the best material in adopting the idea of Asian lantern-inspired floor lamp. Look at the picture below to have some inspirations.

Unique Asian influenced brass and frosted glass floor lamp at 1stdibs

The brushed aesthetic has fine parallel lines running through the finish. Brass will give a popular look and adds more dimension to the floor lamp. Hope you enjoyed reading our 14 Timeless Brass Floor Lamps Ideas.

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