Reasons Why Bamboo is Important for Garden and 10 Awesome Bamboo Landscaping Ideas

Bamboo is a versatile plant that have many different benefit to your garden. It is even as important as the house building it self. Bamboo for awesome garden.

Bamboo is a fastest growing plant in the planet, and it belongs to grass family. Its been used for many purposes for such a long time. This guide is designed to show you the benefits of planting bamboo, and some inspirational ideas to get artsy in your garden with bamboo.

Firstly, we have to understand why bamboo is so important to be planted in your garden :

1. Bamboo As a Living Fence

Bamboo fences are extremely durable and long lasting, requiring only a minimal amount of maintenance. They can also be used in multiple climates as the bamboo is resistant to snow, rain, excessive heat and ultraviolet rays.

Bamboo Fences. Source:

2. A Noise Barier

According to the riset of Hans J.A. van Leeuwen, it is possible to use living bamboo plants along roads as a noise barrier to reduce road traffic noise. The benefit is that a barrier of bamboo looks much nicer than a “hard” screen.
A barrier of living bamboo is much more environmental friendly, cheap in construction and management, and contributes to a sustainable infrastructure. The best solution is obtained by a bamboo species with a very high density. More stems per square meter.

A denser wall of bamboo for sound barier. Source:

3. An Air Pollution Filter

Since we live in an urban area, it is undeniable that we breathe polluted air every single day. This is not an ideal condition for family members health. Bamboo is also excellent to filter the polluted air across the road where we live next to. Riset also says that bamboo is also a great air purifier along with some other plant.

Bamboo tunnel. Source:

4. A Natural Shading

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Sometimes we have some problem with bad positioning of house building as it is not adjusted well to the direction of the sun. Usually the problem is about the glare of the sun in the afternoon. Whether it is the dazzling light, or even the high temperatures produced by the afternoon sun. Using bamboo to make a natural shade is always work to fix those 2 problems above.

Bamboo shade. Source:

Here are some ideas about bamboo landscaping to be applied in your beloved garden :

1. Small Bamboo For Garden

Small objects are always identical to cuteness. Small bamboo with a minimalist planter is never fail to boost cuteness.

Small Bamboo. Source:

2. Indoor Garden with Glass

An indoor garden which is separated from your living room by a sheets of glasses. As if you live in the middle of the forest.

Nature Encased in Glass. Source: archdaily

3. Wooden Planters for Bamboo

Bamboo combined with wooden planters is a nice harmony. Natural atmosphere will be escalated quickly by those 2 elements.

Wooden Bamboo Planter. Source:

4. Cozy Corner With Bamboo

A wooden deck family lounge must be feels more cozy by planting a wall of bamboo as a background.

A chill Spot with bamboo background. Source:

5. Beautiful Lighting With Bamboo

A good quality garden is proven by its performance at both the day and night. Use your creativity to costumize the compostion of light in your garden space.

Miami Living Room. Source:

6. Bamboo Edging

At some point you dont need to build a brick wall anymore to make an edging in your garden. However a white wall, white natural stones and a bamboo line brings modernity to your garden.

Along the wall bamboo. Source:

7. Water Bamboo

Is there anything more refreshing than a dense planted water bamboo in your garden? Add some brown colored element and it will shine even more.

Water bamboo. Source:

8. Zen Landscape With Bamboo

This Japanese based garden style is identical to peacefulness.

Zen Garden with bamboo. Source:

9. Eco Consious

Have you ever thinking to bring the natural feeling in your gardenscape to overload? An exposed brick wall, A Natural Stepping Stone, and a group of bamboos are instantly enhance the natural feeling.

Natural Overload. Source:

10. Modern Landscape

A modern garden scape made of an elegant wooden deck, combined to a concrete colored Sofa. Add even more modern impression by adding some playful colored stuffs.

Modern Composition with Bamboo. Source:

As you can see, bamboo growth needs to be controlled. You can ensure that the bamboo does not spread too far by planting it inside of a barrier. I really love creating my own bamboo planter to place in my garden out of harvested bamboo stalks. To do this you will need to find a tall straight stalk of bamboo and harvest it using pruners that can easily cut through the plant.

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