Amazing Staircase Look: 17 Wooden Staircase Inspirations

The staircase is usually the first thing you see when you enter a house or maisonette. A beautiful staircase can serve a purpose far beyond the functional, with many homeowners transforming the stairs of their home into an architectural centerpiece. Staircases do more than connect levels in your home; their visual presence is an architectural statement. From spiral staircases to sleek wood designs, find beautiful staircase designs to complement your style.

Wooden staircases are classy and add a touch of the outdoors. They complement the look of old or new homes because of their natural look. Wood also has the natural tendency of looking more beautiful as time passes by, especially with proper care and handling. They are mostly hand-made, adding great value to the home.

For this article, we are featuring 18 wooden staircase ideas. Whichever style you prefer, take a look below and take your pick.

1. Floating Timber Staircase

Floating staircase is always look amazing. Timber or wood staircase is one of the most favorite stairs to have. This wood staircase idea below might be a good reference for you to adopt.

Designer Wooden Staircase

2. Simple Wooden Staircase with Glass Railing

Wooden staircase with glass combination is not a bad idea too. It looks simple if you chose the glass as the support of the wooden railing.

Modern Wooden Staircase

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3. Spiral Wooden Staircase

It is always fun to have a big and spiral staircase. Besides it gives a unique look, it is also saving the space if the height of the room is not tall enough to have a conventional stair. Copy this naked wooden spiral staircase and have a good time!

Wood Spiral Stair

4. Modern Tropical House Design

If you have a great interest in a modern house look, this  wooden staircase idea might be a great idea for you.

Wood Staircase

5. Elegant Wooden Stair with Lighting

Giving some unique lighting for your wooden staircase is allowed as long as it doesn’t give a bad effect to the look of your staircase.

green verges wooden staircase

6. Simple Wooden Staircase and Railing Combination

Try this combination of wooden staircase look. At the bottom you will have a conventional wooden stairs. For the upper section, you will have a beautiful floating wooden stair.

Wooden Staircase

7. Elegant Floating Wooden Stairs

Look at this naked wooden floating stairs. With dark wood and gray walls, will give the house an elegant and modern look, emphasize the good taste of the house owner.

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8. Wooden Staircase with Storage and Glass Wall

A lot of space under the staircase often used for a home storage. For this wooden staircase idea, it is okay to have a glass wall beside it and make some wooden storage  under to have a tidy house look.

interior wood stairs design

9. Compact Spiral Wooden Staircase

Well, this idea of wooden staircase will be the center of attention in your house.


10. Modern Floating Staircase

It is a floating wooden staircase, anyway. The difference from previous floating staircases is that it is clinging on the center of the stair foundation, not on the wall. It crates a modern and amazing look to connect 2 floors.

Wooden floating stairs work well within most modern homes

11. Space Saving Wooden Staircase with Glass Railing

To have a space saving staircase, may be you will need this kind of wooden staircase idea. With clear glasses as the railing, it will give a simple look for a small room.

Wooden Stairs & Oak Staircases

12. Modern Staircase and Glass Design

Do not worry to have a unique cut of wooden and glass to be combined as a modern staircase. The idea below creates an amazing space to connect 2 floors.

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Modern Staircase Design by Marreti

13. Tree Staircase

You are in a total freedom to have a wood concept for a staircase. Make a tree stairs! It will look like a very unique spiral staircase at the center of your house.

Custom Wood Stairs Gallery

14. Beautiful Floating Wooden Staircase with White Railing

Combine your floating wooden staircase with a simple railing in white color. Sure will create an amazing minimalist look for your house.

Contemporary Wooden House stairs

15. Unique Spiral Wooden Stair

Another way to play with spiral wooden staircase: unique wooden railings! Copy this idea of spiral wooden staircase with unique railing to make the space look less-boring.

wooden spiral staircase with ribbon like railing metal staircases

16. Contemporary Wooden Staircase with Glass and Metal Railing

To make a contemporary look trough your staircase choice is not a big problem anymore. Look and steal this idea below to have a contemporary wooden staircase in your house.

Contemporary Wooden Staircase Design Ideas

17. Space Saving Wooden Loft Staircase

A loft staircase is a cute and space saving item you should have in your house. This wooden loft is a very beautiful stair you can have to connect a simple and small house you have.

Wooden Space Saving Staircase

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