Advantages and Disadvantages Interior Wood Doors

It is undeniable that well-polished hardwood is a great material to boasts class and elegance. Therefore, it also have several tricky disadvantage so you must understand it before dropping your choice.

Many architects love to use hard wood as their building material, especially doors. Wooden doors have a timeless beauty and elegance. It also has flexibility in terms of design for aesthetic appeal in building planning.

However, like any other material option on this planet, wood is not completely free from disadvantages. It is a common fact that wood has less climate resistance compared to concrete. A big margin between day and night temperature can slowly weather the wood doors.

So, before you actually jump into a decision of choosing wood as the material of your door, yo better check this explanation from homeideasblog.

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1. High Durability Depends On The Surrounding Environment

Wooden frames and hinges provide strong support to the door, therefore wood-based frame doors have high durability. When the right type of wood is used, and good quality is chosen, wooden doors have a long life.

2. Providing Noise Insulation

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The natural composition and the texture of wood doors can effectively absorb noise pollution.

3. Easy attachment of Latches and Locks

Compared to steel doors, attaching locks and latches on wood doors are easier.

4. Rusted Free

Compared to its counterparts such as metal frame doors, wood doors have a massive advantage. Wooden doors do not get rusted. Therefore, we can say that wood doors require less maintenance. One simple way to renew your wooden door is simply to paint it with colors you like.

5. Energy Efficient

What is the correlation between the door’s material choice and electricity energy? Wooden doors providing thermal insulation which separate the temperature outside and inside the house dramatically. As wood is effective to act as thermal insulation, the use of an air conditioner to control the temperature can be reduced.


1. Wood Absorb Moisture

The most anticipated factor of wood usage as doors material is their characteristic of moisture absorbance. The higher moisture the environment of the doors, the easier it gets rot.

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2. They Have Natural Enemies

Wood does not get rusted, but it has a mortal enemy called termites. Termites and other insects can cause big damage to your wood doors. The common solution to fix this problem is by layering wood surfaces with a specific liquid.

3. Use The Best or Not At All!

Some other mistake when choosing wood material as a door is the unwillingness of investing the best quality of wood. wooden door, especially the front door, needs the best quality of wood, more than any other type of furniture inside the house. The average quality of wood mostly can’t survive against the weather. It only takes several years to get corroded. So, make sure you prior to the quality over the price.

4. Bulbing Problem

Even though varnish and paint can be easily applied on wood, excessive moisture can cause bubbles to form on the surface, eventually leading the paint to chip.

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The energy of wood to enhance the look of the door is so famous. The most important thing is that you need to avoid any potential problem mentioned above.

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