Advantage and Disadvantage of Hardwood Flooring

At some point, hardwood flooring is a perfection. Its beauty and elegance will instantly invite praise from anyone see it. But they also have some bad sides, just like any other material.

No one can deny how grateful to have a glamorous thing above their foot. A beautiful shining hardwood never fail to please any homeowner. But just the same as any other material, hardwood flooring has a good and bad side at the same time.

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We will provide you with some helpful insight to give you a new perspective in order to avoid a harmful problem in the future.

Advantages of Hardwood Flooring

1. Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Hardwood flooring is easy to cleaning and maintenance because of its smoothness. The main benefit of using hardwood flooring is its color durability. When the right species of wood have chosen, homeowners will only need to wait to prove the endurance of its quality.

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2. Constant Value

Since wood is included as one of investment good, their resell value will be another important point to consider. Wood can act as gold when we talk about its value. As long as the homeowner can provide good maintenance to keep its quality, hardwood flooring‘s value will never drop down easily.

3. Diversity

Mother nature gives so many blessing to human beings. It is a common sense that natural material has limitless variety in every product. Hardwood flooring is included in a natural material that has so many varieties. Even the same wood species provides its unique pattern.

4. Ageless beauty

At the early installation, hardwood flooring surely enriches the look of your home interior, that is for sure. The more mind-blowing fact about hardwood is its long shelf life. Depends on how the homeowner treats them, hardwood flooring can keep its beauty for years.

Some species of wood, even more, crazier in terms of anti-ageing look, they improve it grace over a period of time due to ageing.

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Disadvantages of Hardwood Flooring

1. Relatively High Maintenance Cost

The hardwood floors require regular polishing every 3-4 years to maintain its finish especially if it is a high traffic area. The cost of polishing and labor tends to be INR 50 for the normal polish to 140 per sq/ft for Polyurethane coating.

2. Weak Water Resistance

Water seepage is one of the most dangerous enemies to hardwood flooring. A high level of moisture environment surely leads to a very bad impact on hardwood lifetime. A small particle of water in the air can be absorbed by the hardwood voids under its surface. This condition is not allowed to happens in a long period of time.

3. Price

As hardwood flooring is an effective option to enhance luxury, there is a big price to pay behind it. Therefore, some people with a small available budget choose to apply it in some of the rooms, instead of their entire house.

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4. Susceptible Scratching

Although not every hardwood has this characteristic. But, most of them are relatively easy to get scratched. For example, in a moment where you accidentally walk over the hardwood flooring with your high heels, it is ironic to realize that your flooring is quite sensitive to high heel strokes. This problem sometimes also happens when you move your heavy furniture with a hard edge footing.

Considering those points before you actually choose to buy hardwood flooring will be a helpful insight. You can understand what to avoid, and why is so beneficial to apply hardwood flooring inside your lovely house.

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