6 Cozy Farmhouse Kitchen for Your Country Side Home

Farmhouse kitchen setting has become of the hottest trends and it’s not shocking because such design makes any space cozy, warm and inviting. As you know that a kitchen is a place where everyone gather to cook, eat and talk, so it’s often the heart of the house, and designing it in farmhouse style is a great decision! Farmhouse means rustic and kind of traditional, so classic kitchen furniture, rough wooden beams and a table is a good base for such a kitchen. None will be able to resist of how warm and embracing kitchen they have to be designed into a farmhouse model though. Can’t wait to get the inspiration? Check these out!

1. Silver Petal

White and silver give different touch on a farmhouse kitchen which usually identified as wooden theme. A slice of fresh purple freesia near the stove gives the ethnic and rustic accent on it. Who says that farmhouse can’be modified into something modern and fabulous?


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2. Beige Splash

Farmhouse Kitchen Inspiration - KitchenHunter

3. Chill Windy Shoot

It is absolutely so breath-taking! Cooking your favorite dinner menu for the family while looking at the amazing scenery through the window with large wheat field and green plants everywhere, which flavor of a farmhouse kitchen would you deny?

Farmhouse kitchen furniture

3. Warm Embrace

This is the most essential and typical farmhouse kitchen we ever want to; wood and wood everywhere. A warm afternoon tea time while boiling hot water on a kettle and baking some wheat cookies, it must be something very memorable and unforgettable to do.

Farmhouse kitchen | Kitchen Ideas | Pinterest

4. Compact Mediterranean 

Mediterranean farmhouse kitchen has a typical large room with low ceiling made from wood. The dining table would be set in the middle of the open kitchen so you can have the fresh meal right from the stove. Isn’t it so lovely?

Farmhouse kitchen with solid oak worktops

5. Modern White

We can never have such idea that farmhouse can be something blends perfectly with the modern setting. This modern white farmhouse kitchen proves that it is not impossible to have a perfect dimmed lighting ceiling over the full white scheme of furniture. Modern and classy though!

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6. Stone Tunnel

Farmhouse usually has a big member of family. There can be more than 8 persons to feed, thus you need an extra effort to prepare the meal. No worry! As long as you have the large and long tunnel farmhouse kitchen idea, you can always get everything such an easy step to do. Put the effect of beige blue on the cabinet and dining table to add some more classy and peaceful touches.

 Farmhouse kitchen decor with a vintage feel

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