6 Best Corner Shelves at Home Ideas You Should Try!

Small Plants, Huge and Small ShelvesThe corner always becomes the most difficult thing to decorate. It takes a lot of effort in picking the furniture and other accessories that of course should suit space. So, the idea of buying furniture will be a daunting task. Especially if you are a book lover, you must love putting your stuff on the corner. Besides its beauty, the corner always gives you the best private place to have. Therefore, the following tips will help you a lot on dealing with corner decoration.

Couches and Huge Shelves

Corner Shelves at Home Ideas

One of the easiest ways to decorate the corner is with the couch. The idea of bringing the huge open shelve is too good because this brings an old vibe to your house. Make sure you put the couch against the living room so this can create a private space.

Small Plants, Huge and Small Shelves

Small Plants, Huge and Small Shelves
Small Plants, Huge and Small Shelves www.pexels.com

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You can also play the structure and size of the furniture by combining the huge and small shelves at the same time to fill the corner. Don’t forget to place the small plant between the small and the big shelves. This will create a nice focal point. Just try it!

Play The Colors

A subtle change can be made if you play the colors. For example like the above picture which you can play the black and white color as the domination of the room. The small portion is given to the wooden and yellow colors which this will make a nice statement in your reading room. Besides, your room will not look too messy.

Play the Frames

Frame in corner
Frame in corner unsplash.com

The frames never fail to create certain vibes. For example, you can combine the huge and small frames and arrange it in a certain position to make a nice look with the wall. We suggest you pick different colors and the grey one as the wall paint so this can emphasize the colors around the room. Then, place shelves with some colored covers in some areas as well as some accessories like pillows and the bean chairs.

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White Is The Best!

White corner room
White corner unsplash.com

The power of white ease you to pick any kind of accessories’ colors. The above picture has a nice idea with the shelve choice and other accessories in a different color. Painting the wall’s room with white and then pick some white furniture will create different feelings. You are free to buy any colors you want without feeling hassled. A pink rug, a plant in the pink pott and then some other stuff with bright colors still look good.

Pink? Why Not!

Pink Bedroom Corner
Pink Bedroom Corner www.flickr.com

For a girl’s room, the pink color as the theme in the bedroom is the best one. You can decorate the corner with the tall-thin shelve and place the small stuff including the books there. Keep in mind not to play too many colors because this will ruin the concept. The safest way to try with this decoration ideas is white and wooden color in small proportion. Then the remaining task will be the place or the layout ideas which might be very tricky whether it is big or small room.

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