3 Simple Winter Heating Tricks

As the winter is coming, we can keep frosty weather outside. But, winter’s temperatures can make some areas of your house cold while others absolutely hot! The average family will spend over $1,300 on utility a year. According to research by Breckinridge Heating and Cooling, about half of that will be spent on cooling and heating the house. You can reduce your energy bills by using few inexpensive energy-saving measures. Try following these tricks to maintain even room temperature in winter. You should find that you spend less money on heating and you get to enjoy a more comfortable house.

1.Use Window Treatments to Prevent Drafts

Despite recent developments in window manufacturing, cold air still creeps into homes through glass panes. If you have a large window in a room, then it will disrupt the temperature. You’re cold when standing by the window; you’re hot standing on the other side of the room.

You can reduce that unevenness by choosing heavy window treatments during winter. Heavy curtains help block the cold air that wants to come into your house. The more insulation you offer, the better it works.You can also use plastic sheets that create an extra barrier between your window and your room. If you have time, use the heavy window treatments and the plastic. You can’t go too far.

Window Treatments for WINTER

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2. Use a Ceiling Fan

If you thought fans were only for summer, then you have something important to learn. As long as your ceiling fan has a switch that lets you change its direction, you can use it to stabilize a room’s temperature. Just remember that counterclockwise movement creates the kind of downward breeze that you want during summer, and clockwise movement creates an updraft that moves warm air from your floor vents around the room. This is such a useful option that some companies even label the direction switch “summer” and “winter.”

Ceiling Fan

3. Keep Your Vents Clean

If you live in an area that gets very cold, then you already know you will use your heater throughout most of the winter. Before you crank the heater up full blast, check the vents to make sure nothing is obstructing them. It often helps to remove the grate and vacuum out any debris that has accumulated in the vent. Clearing the vents lets them work evenly. If a vent on one side of the room puts out more warm air than a vent on the other side of the room, then you will get an uneven temperature.

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Note that you can do some of the vent cleaning on your own. If cleaning the top part of the vent doesn’t let air flow freely, and then you might need help from a professional that can inspect deeper areas of the vent for blockages and other problems.


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