10+ Cherry Wood Flooring Ideas You Should Not Miss

The only advantage to enjoy when deciding hardwood flooring is you can fit anything without having to worry about the unmatched furniture. Then, most Americans love to pick the white oak, maple, red oak and cherry wood. They are all the best material for a traditional look. However, as you think that you have taken the best hardwood, you will still face certain problems like moisture. It comes differently when the season change. That’s why some materials are best for certain location and weather. Meanwhile, the cherry wood flooring, especially the American cherry wood flooring is the one that is hard to find. It is wonderful and beautiful with a softer texture and the natural color appeared after the process from the manufacture.

Many homeowners love to use it with wider planks like 5-inch to emerge the beautiful effect from the natural floor. It is tidy and considered as the best item to pick.

Let’s see the gallery we have. The picture bellow shows the cherry wood flooring paired with red sofas, wooden furniture and plans. See how the home elements get so easily united with the floor in less effort and even it is still gorgeous without additional living room accessories like rug and carpet at the center of the furniture. The lighting is great as the homeowner knows how to bring the red sofas and chair shine under the spotlight.

Cherry Wood Flooring - Red Sofa with White Cherry Wood Flooring

Cherry Wood Flooring Ideas

1. Long Entry Room Wood Flooring

It looks, even more, brighter to take the cherry wood flooring as your main concept. The soft tone like the picture bellow brings the room to life as the big windows will openly let light be in. Thank the best hardwood which makes the room brighter and larger. The homeowner tries to separate the kitchen and the living room by placing additional room at the center right across the entry room. The tree galleries arrangement fill the emptiness and make the wall even more comfortable to see even though it lacks furniture.

Cherry Wood Flooring - Long Entry Room Wood Flooring

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2. Big Size Living Room with Cherry Wood

Then, here it is! The large room with cherry wood flooring looks the best in classic living room design. Paired with the soft tone of the wall and the white sofa, the homeowner makes it into a statement. Even the rug and the wooden table and chairs look so naturally to merge. The big windows are set into a wide screen alongside the chair is perfect for tea time. The small wall lamp behind the sofa helps to fill the wall emptiness. This is a smart decoration with minimalist accessories and perfect arrangement making the room look tidy. The fireplace ahead the sofa seems to be one item that creates a focal point of a classical living room. It is the best place to stay for the formal occasion or even for a casual meeting.

Cherry Wood Flooring - Big Size Living Room with Cherry Wood

3. Brazilian Cherry Hand Scraped Hardwood Flooring

This is the Brazilian Cherry flooring or a.k.a Jatoba. No wonder if people rate this wood flooring as the most favorite item as it is exotic with color patterns like reddish/blonde, deep red and reddish/brown tones. Well then, the homeowners can create certain unique mosaics in the living room. Or, just make it more traditional like the living room idea bellow. This Brazilian cherry flooring is perfectly fused with fireplace that is made from bricks and the traditional low legs chair. It seems like the homeowners try to bring the Italian style inside the room. What a perfect!

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Cherry Wood Flooring - Brazilian Cherry Hand Scraped Hardwood Flooring


4. Cherry wood flooring with neutral furniture

Yes! This is the soft pastel tone and the white color. These two items are often considered as a neutral color palette that safely to help homeowners avoiding the wrong living room arrangement. However, this will be troublesome as you don’t know how to correctly bring the plain color into life. The cherry wood flooring bellow and the white furniture and the wall color section are perfect! The wide windows let the light be in and the homeowner only gives a small touch with a small tree next to the sofa. It is a nature touch with small plants on the table and the gallery on the fireplace. The wooden cabinet is matching perfectly with the floor. Meanwhile, the rug is placed at the center to connect the sofas and create a larger feel of this small living room.

Cherry Wood Flooring - Wood Flooring Living Room Decorations

5. Luxury Living Room with Cherry Wood Flooring

This is a luxury style of a living room with bricks fireplace and best choice of sofas. What makes this room so favorable is the lighting sections. A smart choice for picking the hanging lamp by setting this living room with small lighting. Meanwhile, the homeowner also installs the low lighting lamp inside the ceiling so the edge of the room will not be spooky. Good choice for the curtain and the art galleries behind the sofa.

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Cherry Wood Flooring - Luxury Livingroom Cherry Wood Flooring


6. Dark Cherry Wood Color For Modern Touch

The pastel color and white frame of the fireplace bring a contemporary touch as it is combined with the dark cherry wood color. The long small planks as it is arranged like the picture bellow give a different feel. This is perfect for your family room and some small windows around the room will give a different view of nature.

Cherry Wood Flooring - Fireplace Dark Cherry Wood Color


Cherry Wood Flooring - Brazilian Cherry Wood Stain Plans

7.  Homes Custom Hardwood Flooring

Look at the entry room picture bellow, the custom hardwood flooring is perfectly good. You can make this certain pattern and ask the professionals to create a frame through the entry room with different cherry wood flooring colors.

Cherry Wood Flooring - Homes Custom Hardwood Flooring

8. Amazing Texture Cherry Wood

No one can deny the unique pattern of this cherry wood. Keep in mind to place a simple design furniture so your floor will be the focal point. Placing the different furniture with too many accents or decorations will juts be a mess. Remember that only one section can be a standout look.

Cherry Wood Flooring - Amazing Texture Cherry Wood


As the cherry wood only shows a natural pattern, then it is difficult to order the same pattern. However, there is always some of them that are similar. We have a bunch of cherry wood collections to see bellow. Pick your favorite and plan your living room soon!

Cherry Wood Flooring - Cherry Wood Flooring Hardwood


Cherry Wood Flooring - Elegant Floors Hardwood Cherry Wood


Cherry Wood Flooring - Straight Cherry Wood Flooring


Cherry Wood Flooring - Brazilian Medina Cherry Wood Flooring


Cherry Wood Flooring - Light Clear Brown Cherry Wood Flooring


Cherry Wood Flooring - White Smooth Cherry Flooring


Cherry Wood Flooring - Red Hardwood Cherry Wood Flooring


Cherry Wood Flooring - Brazillian Cherry Wood Flooring

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