22 White Wood Floor Ideas And How You Should Combine It!

The white wood floor comes as the longest trend because its neutrality in balancing the home furniture. Another advantages to offer when you apply the white wood floor is that it creates a bigger illusion. So, if you have the tiny room design, trying this trick will bring out the larger feel. It even can harmonize the bold color, pattern and texture.

Having the wood floor is absolutely something. Everyone loves it as it can brighten the kitchen, also the dining place. It is always perfect as you wish no matter what home element you try to bring. However, living with the white wood floor should more commit on your cleaning task. Some material will get dirtier in 24 hours. If you have pets, children, and other activity which will lead your room in to a mess, consider before deciding to install it. The high gloss white is the most suggested or, you will receive consequences like mopping and cleaning the floor daily.

1.Comfortable Texture White Floor for Kitchen

Wide plank wood floor bellow is stunning as the homeowners combine it with the white furniture and other soft color on the cabinets. It looks clean and even bigger with the right wall paint; grey color. We love the idea of bring the soft color into the room and we are stunned for the modest furniture choice.

White Wood Floors - Comfortable Texture White Floor for Kitchen

2.Simple Texture White Wood Floor 

This texture white wood floor gives different allure. Narrow planks and the beauty of natural pattern create a solid design.

White Wood Floors - Simple Texture White Wood Floor

3.Amazing Dining Room with White Floor

If you love the “white” and now is planning to purchase the white wood plank, so it is better to pick the white palette for furniture. We are really in love with the gold and white chandelier design that is hanging over the table. Meanwhile, the homeowner prefers to pick the white table cloth and the classic chair in beige tone. It is a perfect combination for the traditional living room.

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White Wood Floors - Amazing Dining Room with White Floor

4. Thin White Wood Planks Peeling Paint Floor

When you choose type of wide wood bellow for your floor, it is not suggested because you will get your room more dirtier and it is even harder to clean.

White Wood Floors - thin White Wood Planks Peeling Paint Floor

5.Dark White Wood Floor

So, who says that the white always comes in bright? The picture bellow is the example of the dark white. It is closer with grey actually, but it is different. You still can pair with other bright color, but we suggest you to pair it with dark color including navy blue. maroon, brown or even the black. The dark white wood floor often appears much better when you set the appropriate lighting. It must be stunning!

White Wood Floors - Dark White Wood Floor

6.Finest Laminate Wood Flooring

Laminate wood flooring looks more durable, water resistant and more beautiful. It is the multi-layer synthetic or if it is wood, it is a combination of the melamine resin, also the material of fiber board. It consists of multiple layers. With the easiness of maintaining the floor, this laminate wood flooring hit the market as the most popular white wood floor. It requires less skill and less budget while still having the traditional look.

White Wood Floors - Finest Laminate Wood Flooring

7.White Wood Flooring Horizontal Texture

Are you bored with the vertical texture? So, try this horizontal texture. It is simple and yet still remains good thing to see. Even, you get this arrangement easier than you think.

White Wood Floors - White Wood Flooring Horizontal Texture

8.White Vinyl Wood Flooring Plank

The trend of buying vinyl wood flooring is increasing today. The surprise is you get this stuff in luxury. So, indeed your vinyl floor is more desirable and more sophisticated than plastic. This luxury vinyl tile comes as planks in various design including wood. Wait, what? Yes, this type of flooring today comes in various designs including patterns, colors and unusual textures. When you consider the less permanent floor, this LVT can be your choice. It is more durable, flexible and non-permanent. The designer now makes it for every room you wish. You can now place it in the dining room, kitchen, or bathroom because it is water resistant.

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White Wood Floors - White Vinyl Wood Flooring Plank

9.White Washed Wood Floor

The white washed wood floor comes as another popular item from Egypt which people in the US try to adapt this style. This washed wood floor is made from certain technique by mixing the lime and water. The good thing about this type of flooring is you can pair it with any kind of style; modern home design, until teh supper rustic home design. It always fits with your flavor.

White Wood Floors - White Washed Wood Floor

10.Parquet White Wood Floor

So, this is another type of flooring you should know. We have discussed it before. The parquet flooring is really beneficial. It is easy to install and maintain. Beside, as you have been bored with traditional flooring set; whether it is vertical and horizontal, the parquet is the next choice. And, we love the picture bellow with small vertical pattern showing the natural beauty of the white floor.

White Wood Floors - Parquet White Wood Floor

11.White Washed Wood Floor Texture

The bellow picture is the white washed wood floor designed in small plank. Really good for your patio or porch.

White Wood Floors - White Washed Wood Floor Texture

12. Wood Floor for Unique White Wood Flooring Bathrooms

So, are  you wishing the white concept for the whole room? Well, then this is the one that can be the next choice. We suggest you to pick Vinyl floor because it is more durable and you have no worries about the feature as it is water resistant.

White Wood Floors - Wood Floor for Unique White Wood Flooring Bathrooms

13.White Floor for Front House

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The white floor for the front house is always a good choice. Good painting for the blue wall!

White Wood Floors - White Floor for Front House

14. Amazing Rooms With White Wooden Floors

What a stunning look! Perfect for the white concept, white furniture dominants the room and combined with some bold colors like red blanket and black and white chandelier. We love this!

White Wood Floors - Amazing Rooms With White Wooden Floors

15. Traditonal House with White Wooden Floor

Like we always suggest to you, the navy blue works best for your white house.

White Wood Floors - Traditonal House with White Wooden Floor

16. White Nordic Design Interior with White Floor

The focal point of this room is the windows which make double functions to be the lighting and the decoration at the same time. We like the accessories as well that is enlighten by the sun. Really beautiful!

White Wood Floors - White Nordic Design Interior with White Floor

17. White Bedroom and Wooden Floor

If you wish another touch, gold and classic furniture can help you a lot like the picture bellow!

White Wood Floors - White Bedroom and Wooden Floor

18.  Big Modern Living Room with White Floor

This arrangement looks alive with only three components; white, black and beige. Best placement of artwork on the wall leaves the plain feel.

White Wood Floors - Big Modern Living Room with White Floor

19.Long View House Living Room with White Floor

White floor, white furniture, white walls combined with the brown wooden furniture and gold lamp is something!

White Wood Floors - Long View House Living Room with White Floor

20. Long Table and White Interior Wooden Floor

The look is even more special and fresh with this long table. Really adorable!

White Wood Floors - Long Table and White Interior Wooden Floor

21.  Long Blank Room with White Floor

Think about the details when you decide to decorate your room in single color like white. Just look at the window, how the homeowner design it to be more exciting without leaving the main concept.

White Wood Floors - Long Blank Room with White Floor

22. Traditional Fireplace with White Floor

So, this is it! The traditional fireplace paired with white wood floor. We love this small room and window across the fireplace. It gives different feel.

White Wood Floors - Traditional Fireplace with White Floor

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