20 Stunning Rustic Wood Flooring For Many Kind Of Home Designs

Rustic wood flooring represents the natural shapes, color and contour. It eases the homeowner to combine any kind of furniture and accessories no matter you want the modern living room style, or the traditional look everyday. Rustic always seems simple with the choice of rough walls, wood paneling, smart interior, rough stone and many more. It is about organic texture and natural warmth. That’s why the rustic wood floor always comes as the most wanted item for those who want to remodel their home.

1. High Wooden Chair Kitchen and Rustic Floor

The rustic wood flooring is never limited to some furniture. It even works for all area including the kitchen. As the homeowner what should be taken to the space, the white chairs complete the space. What we love from the picture bellow is that the homeowner give the modern touch without leaving its concept: rustic home, with wooden chair covered with which accents. It looks perfect for the white cabinets and metal shelves beer cooler. For the flooring section, the homeowner prefer to use various type of length and width. If you want adopt the style, you can try the dark oak plank or the teak wood instead.

Rustic Wood Flooring - High Wooden Chair Kitchen and Rustic Floor

2.  Modern Living Room and Fireplace with Rustic Floor

Another choice for the rustic wood flooring design is trying the dark color. It is not always about the black furniture, but you can try the Burgundy or maroon combined with the grey color. What is showed on the picture bellow is perfectly amazing for the lighting choice including deciding the wide screen instead of the windows for letting the natural come in during the day. While at the night, the smart choice of standing land and other neon lights installed in the ceiling will create an elegant look. We love how the homeowner arrange the sofas, home theater and the art frame. It set well and really cozy to stay on relaxation or even the formal meeting with clients.

Rustic Wood Flooring - Modern Living Room and Fireplace with Rustic Floor

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3. Log Home and Timberframe Style Wood Floors

The log home sounds expensive as you have to find the unique wooden furniture design. It is indeed natural and you will leave your room in somewhat Pirates of Caribean style when you adopt the design bellow. The tables, old chair and other accessies close you to nature. Add ethnic accessories for better appearance. The rustic wood flooring is really OK with teak wood. It brings the tropical touch and let your arrangemen connected each other.

Rustic Wood Flooring - Log Home and Timberframe Style Wood Floors

4. Rustic Flooring and Distressed Wood

The rustic wood flooring bellow is stunning as the homeowner prefer to install the wide plank instead of the modern styles with narrow designs we see today. Remember that, the wide plank is by too far expensive than the regular size. It comes with 7-inch or 5-inch. A tip for you, better to blend the type of wood as yo will get it less expensive because the stocks are always out of order. At some point, when you know how to set this right, you have no worries to continue your project.

Rustic Wood Flooring - Rustic Flooring and Distressed Wood

5.Stairs with Rustic Floor

The wide plank today comes as the new vibe and people are fall in love to get back in the old era. Classic wide plank with grey wide wood flooring ideas bellow is something! It just reminds us of the witch story under the chandelier and the black cat goes down stairs. This rustic wood flooring brings the look into somewhat old story.

Rustic Wood Flooring - Stairs with Rustic Floor

6.Traditional Kitchen with Rustic Floor

Wishing traditional kitchen look? You may adopt the design bellow. What a perfect rustic wood flooring set in wide plank. The homeowner makes it best with the wooden cabinets and other wooden accessories. The lighting set is smart by installing the some  lights in the ceiling making it elegant.

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Rustic Wood Flooring - Traditional Kitchen with Rustic Floor

7.White Rustic Wood Flooring

This is one of the most popular rustic wood flooring. The white oak floors are one of the most suggested if you adopt this style into your room. You can easily pair it with any kind of furniture, but the most perfect work is by trying the dark color like maroon, blue navy and the same tone you like. We think that it is really beautiful to make your floor shine and connected as the focal point.

Rustic Wood Flooring - White Rustic Wood Flooring

8.Comfortable Rustic Wood Flooring

So, are you hoping for a comfortable look? Look at the picture bellow and learn how the homeowner set every element of this rustic house so elegant. The lighting section is the key point to emphasize the look; your rustic wood flooring. Isn’t that good? Yes, the installed low lighting in the ceiling will create this effect.

Rustic Wood Flooring - Comfortable Rustic Wood Flooring

9. Rustic Oak Matt Lacquered Engineered Wood Flooring

So, this is the rustic oak which really perfect for you who is trying to play safe with natural color. Again, the bright furniture is not suggested in case you know how to set it well.

Rustic Wood Flooring - Rustic Oak Matt Lacquered Engineered Wood Flooring

10. Wide Plank Rustic Flooring In the Hallway

When the hallway is the one that has no furniture and accessories, it is a good idea to try the wide plank. This rustic wood flooring is the best and will result beautiful appearance.

Rustic Wood Flooring - Wide Plank Rustic Flooring In the Hallway

11. Grey Rustic Wood Flooring

The grey color remains the best effect for any kind of furniture. Do you want a traditional or modern look? This rustic wood flooring will not disappoint you.

Rustic Wood Flooring - Grey Rustic Wood Flooring

12. Simple Old Rustic Wood Flooring

The best part from the old rustic wood flooring is the wide plank. Many manufactures will adapt it from the 19th centuries which came as the most popular item at that time. Combine it with traditional fireplace and some old styles chair.

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Rustic Wood Flooring - Simple Old Rustic Wood Flooring

13. China Solid Wood Flooring Rustic Wood

It is a solid hardwood with grey color. Like our suggestion before, the grey color is just simply can match with any kind of color. Your job now is to ensure the grade you have chosen.

Rustic Wood Flooring - China Solid Wood Flooring Rustic Wood

14.Reclaimed Rustic Wood Flooring

The look of this reclaimed rustic wood flooring seems like has been refurnished. It is elegant and will shine under the light. Be sure to set your lighting correctly.

Rustic Wood Flooring - Reclaimed Rustic Wood Flooring

15. Rustic Cottage Oak Brushed & Lacquered Wood Flooring

See this lacquered rustic wood floor bellow which is still appearing the natural color of the wood without letting it get scratched and simply can protect the floor. What makes this lacquered better than the oil, it is effectively covered the floor without sink into the wood.

Rustic Wood Flooring - Rustic Cottage Oak Brushed & Lacquered Wood Flooring

16. Light Brown Rustic Wood Floor

Yes, it is not the same like other clean rustic wood flooring with some marks on it. As it is installed in the house, we always remember about the country living.

Rustic Wood Flooring - Light Brown Rustic Wood Floor

17. Dark Brown Rustic Wood Flooring

The dark brown item bellow is elegant when you combine it with wooden furniture, but if you want a modern touch like sofa, connect it with a rug.

Rustic Wood Flooring - Dark Brown Rustic Wood Flooring

18. Traditional Chair Living Room Rustic Floor

If you love the rustic home design, rattan chairs are perfect for your living room. We love the picture bellow cause it is connected to each element.

Rustic Wood Flooring - Traditional Chair Living Room Rustic Floor

19. Comfortable Interior Design Rustic Floor

So, like we have told you that the rustic wood floor is neutral for any kind of furniture, theme and arrangement. You can pair it with modern furniture or playing the ethnic accessories.

Rustic Wood Flooring - Comfortable Interior Design Rustic Floor

20. Living Room with Rustic Floor

The rustic floor bellow looks stunning with natural beauty. Good choice for the white and black paint!

Rustic Wood Flooring - Living Room with Rustic Floor

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