19+ Wide Plank Wood Flooring Ideas You Should Not Miss!

When we talk about the style, today people are in love and willingly to be back at the old trend. It includes the wide plank wood flooring. As you see in some movies with the 19th setting, the wide plank floor was a trend to any home design. It is still stunning, and people are beginning to fall in love again, for some reasons especially.

At the past, we see the wide plank floor came in 5-inch. But today, manufacture prefer to produce it thinner and narrower with 2-inch or 3-inch. Indeed it is a little bit difficult today to find the wide plank wood, but everyone is stunned by its nature.

The good things you will from the wide wood plank is the beauty. This plank is not limited to a single wood. It comes in different style based on the type of wood used. Meanwhile, the wider plank gives a better look of the natural pattern.

So, are you considering to buy the wide plank for your home project? We think that you need to ensure some factors bellow:

Build a plan: design, theme, and size

The wide plank wood flooring is expensive. The need of re-measure your area is important to minimize money draining. Don’t forget to estimate the square footage base on the room dimension. Then add 10%.

Wood species

Well, the wide plank is really great. It is beautiful in various type of woods. Be sure to spend some times for Googling what are your favorite and the one that makes sense with your plan including your budget. Besides, you can search what type of woods that can last longer whether it is Ash, White Oak, Red Oak or Maple. Check the actual color, because the ideal picture you see in the picture is different.

The grades of wood

This is important once you have decided the type of wood plank, you will choose the grade within those species. It is a matter of style and cost as well, so you can implement it by your budget. Another factor that affects a lot to your wide plank wood flooring is its width. A tip for you, ordering the random widths will be less expensive.

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You must look for some inspiration how this wide plank wood flooring installed on your home project. We have collected a number of pictures to pick including the furniture set. Hope you can figure out how your home design will be after seeing the pictures bellow.

1. Dark Antique Wide Wood Flooring

This is one of the most favorite item to pick. It fits any kind of furniture. You can place bright sofas included the gray or soft rug over the floor. It doesn’t matter if you fit it with any kind of accessories, plans, and others. This kind of wood plank is made of salvage timbers which are taken from the historic building. It has a timeless look and durable.


Wide Plank Wood Flooring - Dark Antique Wide Wood Flooring

2.Traditional White Kitchen with Wide Plank Floor

The picture bellow is the antique wooden plank. It fits with any kind of furniture including the white cabinets and metal countertop. Indeed, it even looks traditional, but this type of kitchen never lasts.

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Wide Plank Wood Flooring - Traditional White Kitchen with Wide Plank Floorng

3. Oak Wide Wood Flooring

The 7-inch oak wide wood flooring is popular. Moreover, if your house has a high traffic flow, you might need the harder wood and ensure everything will be durable to avoid any money spending due to the floor redesigning. The red oak is pretty hard and durable. Another option for modern home design, the natural maple without knots works best for the clean aesthetic. Sometimes, your room will look like Norwegian more. For the traditional option, try the hickory.

Wide Plank Wood Flooring - Oak Wide Wood Flooring

4. Traditional Dining Room with Wide Wood Floor

Some people really love and can’t get move on for another living room furniture, for example, a contemporary and another modern touch. The bellow picture tends to be the traditional living room with wide plank wood flooring paired with wooden furniture.  Keep in mind to have a good care as your wooden elements might have some problems due to the climate changes.

Wide Plank Wood Flooring - Traditional Dining Room with Wide Wood Floor

5. Modern Kitchen With Wide Plank Wood Floor

So, how about this look? The black furniture even better combined with the wide plank. Some people is confused how to brings the dark side into light. It’s a matter of lighting actually. But when you pick the correct wide plank, the black living room is even the best to pick. This is your focal point at some point without losing any element. Each of them is connected.

Wide Plank Wood Flooring - Modern Kitchen With Wide Plank Wood Floor

6. Big Size Living Room with Wide Wood Floor

A super huge space like the picture bellow is even confusing, moreover when you don’t get the best flooring type. But this living room, even if the homeowner doesn’t place a good composition of the living room like sofas, cabinets, and other huge accessories, the room is still cozy. We think that the homeowner wants to emphasize the floor section, so this living room will not get huge furniture to place.

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Wide Plank Wood Flooring - Big Size Living Room with Wide Wood Floor

7. Recycled Antique Hardwood Floors

The antique wood floor is stunning. This is one of our favorite arrangement as the homeowner combine the white furniture with the fireplace as the focal point. Smart wall color which is painted in white. Meanwhile, the stairs are made of wood to add a more traditional touch. Nice design!

Reclaimed Wood Flooring Wide Plank - Recycled Antique Hardwood Floors ...


8. Custom Wide Plank Walnut

The walnut plank is often considered as the luxurious floor because of the durability, beauty, and stability. You can turn your living room for both formal and casual and it is an excellent choice. Surely, there are types and grades you can choose based on the thickness and styles. The homeowner from the picture bellow tries to do the best with wooden furniture in each corner; chairs, cabinets and other accessories. But you can look at the details they made, the place rug under the chair to protect the floor from scratch. Yes, the wide plank wood flooring somehow durable for such a walnut choice, but maintenance is the prominent way you should do to prevent you having an additional budget. Check our galleries bellow for another inspiration.

Wide Plank Wood Flooring - Custom Wide Plank Walnut


Wide Plank Wood Flooring - Big Table with Plank Floor


Wide Plank Wood Flooring - Wide Plank Rift and Quartersawn White Oak Hardwood


wide-plank-wood-flooring | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Wide Plank Wood Flooring - Fireplace with Plank Floor


Wide Plank Wood Flooring - Rustic White Kitchen with Plank Floor


Wide Plank Wood Flooring - Mid Kitchen with Plank Floor


Wide Plank Wood Flooring - Modern Design House with Plank Wood Floor


Wide Plank Wood Flooring - Solid Kitchen and Wide Plank Floor


Wide Plank Wood Flooring - Old Kitchen with Wood Plank Floor


Wide Plank Wood Flooring - Red Velvet Chair with Plank Wood Floor


Wide Plank Wood Flooring - Comfortabel Living Room with Plank Wood Floor


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