18 Most Suggested Parquet Wood Flooring Ideas To Try!

Whether you have high desire for the hard wood plank, or other solid tiles materials, the parquet  offers another style to be enjoyed. Its beauty is just differently attracting many homeowners due to the simplicity and aesthetic appearance after installed.

The parquet wood flooring fits to any kind of house space, design, and models. Whether you are likely to make an ethnic house or the modern contemporary house instead. Parquet wood flooring is always ready to be your choice. Another good thing when you choose this flooring type is that you will see your house always clean! Are you interested to purchase the unique parquet flooring? We think you need to check our gallery bellow!

1.Vertical Texture Parquet Flooring

This vertical texture parquet flooring is the most common parquet shapes you might know. As you install this parquet floor, it seems like you install the conventional  hardwoood flooring in narrow size. Perfect for your contemporary home design.

Parquet Wood Flooring - Vertical Texture Parquet Flooring

2.Blank Room Parquet Flooring

We love the parquet style bellow where we can see it just like tiles but in the form of wood. The square shapes and the vertical and horizontal arrangement to each parquet looks great for the rustic home design. It event matches with the wooden cabinet and doors around the space. Perfect!

Parquet Wood Flooring - Blank Room Parquet Flooring

3.White Wall with Parquet Flooring

Another trial you can try at home is by combining the white wall with the parquet wood flooring. We fall in love with the square parquet and we don’t need any accessories to connect the wall and the floor.

Parquet Wood Flooring - White Wall with Parquet Flooring

4. Horizontal Parquet Flooring

The red wood parquet flooring bellow is stunning with horizontal look. It is prettier when you apply it for your casual style. The smaller pieces of woods in red makes everything stunning and great.

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Parquet Wood Flooring - Horizonltal Parquet Flooring

5. Old Hardwood Parquet Flooring

This old hardwood parquet flooring is stunning with good arrangement of flooring mosaic.  If you wish to have D.I.Y project with lime, cherry, maple, walnut and oak, we don’t suggest you to do this because it will costs you a lot of money. Better if you call on professional to do this job. This old parquet wood flooring is still amazing and even looks more glamorous.

Parquet Wood Flooring - Old Hardwood Parquet Flooring

6.Teak Solid Parquet Flooring

If you wish another look for the parquet wood flooring, the bellow picture is stunningly can be adopted for your house. We really love the material of the parquet from the teak wood and it is matched with the white furniture. The best choice ever for having the modern furniture including white sofas, metal accessories and a glass table.

Parquet Wood Flooring - Teak Solid Parquet Flooring

7.Light Brown Parquet Flooring

If you think that our suggestion with diagonal arrangement is too complicated and difficult, you can try the brick arrangement. Just do this like how the brick installed for your wall. It is beautiful no matter you want the light brown parquet flooring or the dark oak wood for the material. This model models always fits with any kind of wood.

Parquet Wood Flooring - Light Brown Parquet Flooring

8.White Wood Parquet Flooring

It is another type of parquet with white wood. We always say that the white can be the focal point as long as you know how to set the furniture correctly. The work is almost the same like the grey wood flooring. Try the dark color instead of the bright ones like blue navy, maroon or even the black furniture are never mind. Be sure to set the right lighting so your floor can shine and connect with all of the house elements. Some people love to create the wide screen / window to make their dark floor shines.

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Parquet Wood Flooring - White Wood Parquet Flooring

9. Stunning Hardwood Parquet Flooring

This is stunning and we love how the home owner set this beautiful mosaic. No wonder if the homeowner needs a long time to set this well and ensure that each wood installed correctly.

Parquet Wood Flooring - Clear Hardwood Parquet Flooring

10.Hexagon Parquet Wood

Another art of the parquet wood floor is the hexagon shape where you will find the different color for hexagon form. Some manufacturer will use different material to ensure they get the the best appearance after making the hexagon form.

Parquet Wood Flooring - Hexagon Parquet Wood

11.Corner Parquet Flooring

Another parquet wood flooring you can find in the market is the corner parquet flooring which can change your remodeling project instantly. We love the traditional look which is very homey and cozy to stay. You may combine with the classic furniture to create a 19th appearance. Ensure to clean the floor in correct manner as the corner section will save too much dust than you think.

Parquet Wood Flooring - Corner Parquet Flooring

12.Barn Parquet Wood Floor

This barn parquet wood floor with dark color can be your next choice. Combine it with dark furniture and low lighting set to make it more glamour. This type of parquet wood flooring is one of the most favorite because of its good arrangement.

Parquet Wood Flooring - Barn Parquet Wood Floori

13. Solid Hardwood Parquet Floor

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Small square of parquet wood flooring makes it like the cane work. The dark color is lovable along with natural pattern appear in each fiber. Take if for another inspiration as you have tired of the vertical and horizontal models. When the hexagon is too tricky and messy, this models is modest while still shows its beauty.

Parquet Wood Flooring - Solid Hardwood Parquet Floor

14.Hardwood Parquet Flooring

Another color for the hardwood parquet flooring is shown on the picture bellow with brighter brown. It simply has the same pattern the “cane work”.

Parquet Wood Flooring - Hardwood Parquet Flooring

15.Cube Parquet Flooring

One more parquet wood flooring that we love is the cube shape with brighter brown color. It looks natural and beautiful. It is unique with some flame make fake lines as if it is painted.

Parquet Wood Flooring - Cube Parquet Flooring

16. Amazing Parquet Wood Floor

Another reference for your parquet model, the bellow picture actually has the usual pattern, but what makes this so great to see is the natural pattern. It is square pattern and cube pattern inside  the frame. Isn’t that cool?

Parquet Wood Flooring - Amazing Parquet Wood Floor

17. China Wood Parquet

You can opt to China wood parquet for some price advantage and design. Keep in mind to know the grade of the parquet so you will not disappointed at the future due to the less durable material. It is not applied for the China parquet wood flooring but also other manufacturers.

Parquet Wood Flooring - China Wood Parquet

18. Square Motif Floor

The last option for the best parquet wood flooring is the square motif. If you are enough with horizontal, cube, diagonal, corner and other form we have mention, the design bellow looks more dynamic.

Parquet Wood Flooring - Square Motif Floor

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