16 Creative Toilet Paper Holder Ideas You Would Love to Have

Toilet paper is every person need, unless you live in one of the parts of the world where people don’t use toilet paper at all. But no one ever got too excited about toilet paper. Whether you’re just looking to replace the generic holder that came with your house, or want to go all-in to coordinate everything your newly remodeled bathroom, this list of 16 creative toilet paper holders is sure to inspire! We’ve collected down 16 creative, beautiful, innovative toilet paper holders whose designs make this humble bathroom staple something to celebrate. Enjoy!

1. Clever Fabric Toilet Paper Holder

Running out of toilet can make a sudden panic for anyone in the toilet. The only way to solve the problem is to store the supply of toilet paper in the toilet itself. One problem that still exist is: where should you put the toilet paper supplies and keep it clean? This clever toilet paper holder might be a great idea for you. 2 supplies of toilet paper is always ready if you are running out of toilet paper.


2. Simple Toilet Paper Holder and Wooden Shelf

A toilet paper holder can contribute to a beautiful decoration for your toilet space, too. Installing a simple rusty toilet paper holder under a wooden shelf is a good idea, you can put some decoration stuffs such as plants or maybe some other stuffs.


3. Modern Wooden Toilet Paper Holder

It is always good to have wooden material in every interior, including toilets. Try it for your toilet paper holder, make it in a modern shape and you will have a warm look space in your toilet.


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4. Creative Tree Paper Holder

Well, you need a little bit creativity to make unlimited–or maybe a lot of toilet paper supply in a good appearance. Look at this toilet paper holder idea. A tree shaped holder, have a lot of branch to put a toilet paper in each. Look so unique and very functional, isn’t it?


5. Wooden Toilet Paper Storage and Holder

Here is another tool to hold your toilet paper and store the supplies at the same time. Have this wooden toilet paper holder and storage in your toilet to make an efficient space for it.


6. Hanging Toilet Paper Holder

Need another creative idea to hold and store the toilet paper supplies in your toilet? You might love to have this extraordinary toilet paper holder. Made of natural equipment, it can store 6 toilet papers at the same time. What an inexpensive way to create unique and efficient space at your toilet!


7. Brass Toilet Paper Holder

Brass is always give an elegant look in every decoration. You can have is as your toilet paper holder. To make it extraordinary, make it in vertical way to hold the toilet paper.


8. Polaroid Camera Toilet Paper Holder

Everyone will smile while entering the toilet when seeing this kind of toilet paper holder. A Polaroid camera-shaped toilet paper holder, from its uniqueness, from making people smile it can also be the favorite object in the toilet. maybe people will take a picture of it after spending the time in the toilet. It is a good thing if you have toddler too, as it can be a fun way to learn anything for the first time for them, especially in a toilet space. They would happy to go to the toilet alone.

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9. Industrial Pipe Toilet Paper Holder

Industrial pipes is one of the alternative materials to make a unique decoration. It can be you reference for a toilet paper holder, too. Look at this idea of how industrial pipes become a holder of two toilet papers at the same time. Simple yet so cool!


10. Minimalist Toilet Paper Holder and Shelf

Sometimes you want to remodel your toilet but don’t really have a lot of budget to make a big change. If you want to have a different look especially for your toilet paper holder, just put a minimalist shelf around the toilet paper holder which is already attached on the wall. After that put some decorations or books to complete the look. Voila! Looks like you had a lot of change for your toilet!


11. Pallet Toilet Paper Holder

Need another idea for wooden toilet paper holder? This pallet toilet paper holder might be one of the simple wooden toilet paper holders you can have for your fresh-looked toilet.

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12. Rustic Tree Branch Toilet Paper Holder

Everyone love to be amazed. But they never really realize how a toilet paper holder can amaze them, just like how this unique toilet paper holder would do to them. Looks like a tree branch holding a toilet paper uniquely, this idea is timeless and will match to any kind of your toilet interior.


13. Old Horse Bit and Horse Shoe Toilet Paper Holder

Who ever wondered that an old horse bit and horse shoe can be a cool toilet paper holder? Look at the picture below to proof the statement. Have them to liven up your interest on this animal stuffs.


14. Iron Hook Toilet Paper Holder

A unique concept of decoration stuffs sometimes comes from some unpredictable tools. How can an iron hook become a toilet paper holder? But it actually can! Look at the picture below to answer your curiosity.


15. Built In Toilet Paper Holder and Storage

If you have a small toilet space, perhaps you will need a built-in toilet paper holder and storage. You can copy this kind of built-in toilet paper holder and storage for your toilet to have a good look on it.


16. 12 Wall Toilet Paper Holder

Well, if you wan to go extraordinary, you can copy this idea of having 12 toilet paper holder at the same time. You will never running out of toilet paper, right?


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