15 Stunning Pallet Wood Floor Arrangement You Can Try!

Thinking about the low budget remodeling ideas for your home floor? Why don’t you try the pallet wood floor? Yes, the pallet industry has spent around 4,5 billion hardwood and they are made from teak, hickory, and other expensive wood. The worst thing that the factory discard around 300.000 tons of wooden pallets which are valuable to waste.

Where do I find this wood for my pallet wood project? Well, some stores cannot provide you this pallet wood for free. It must take a while for you to collect it and it will be just fine if you do this just for your hobby. Just in case! However, there are always some good places to start your hunt. So places like warehouses, grocery stores and department stores and other places that have large shipments. You can ask their disposal.

Talking about the longevity, there is no special advantage of this wood floor to be sure. It is made from huge varieties of woods which certainly cannot be predicted how long your wood will last. However, as it gets damage, you are easy to replace it with the new one with your own D.I.Y project. You might need just one or two hours. But if you want to keep your pallet wood floor looks great, ask your family and guest to take off their shoes before stepping on the floor.

1.Hardwood flooring with fireplace

The good thing of having the hardwood flooring is that it fits with all furniture types.  The bellow picture shows how the view can be so friendly with some windows around the room. Meanwhile, the homeowner uses the gray color for the wall and white for the fireplace. It is just a classic choice, but still, everyone will fall in love to go with this model. Wooden furniture and wood floor is never old.

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Pallet Wood Floor - Fireplace with Pallet Wood Floor

2. Stunning arrangement of pallet wood floor in diagonal look

If you think the pallet wood floor is too boring with the straight arrangement, try the diagonal look like the picture bellow with a short plank. This will change your room outlook dramatically in less effort without having too much worry about the wood color. This style helps you a lot and can turn the wood pallet color in stunning appearance. The different color of this teak might not be a big matter now.

Pallet Wood Floor - Recommended Pallet Wood Floor

3. Solid pallet wood floor 

So you are just in the hard thought of deciding what floor arrangement to set with your porch? The bellow picture might fit with your flavor. Set some planks vertically and diagonally right under the vertical planks. This solid pallet wood floor might be just too mainstream and traditional for you. However, it never lasts. Try this conventional look to your porch and do a settlement right furniture placing.

Pallet Wood Floor - Solid Pallet Wood Floor

4. Vertical Design Pallet Wood Floor

Another easy setting for your pallet wood is this vertical design in single plank. Place the single long plank in different length so you can set this look. It is even easier for you and just need a little bit patience. The different color pallet wood will not ruin the look as you make it like the picture bellow. It even gets merged after you do this project. Check our picture bellow.

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Pallet Wood Floor - Vertical Design Pallet Wood Floor

5. Square look of pallet wood floor

It takes many pallets to square the floor. However, it is worth as you see the finished look like the picture bellow. Be sure to plan them in square form and begin to nail it so it stays them down. The hardest part after finishing this work is when you try to clean the sawdust.

Pallet Wood Floor - Interior Floor with Pallets Inspiring Ideas


6. Mixing form of diagonal and horizontal floor

The benefits thing you can try with this pallet wood floor is that you can mix the shape as you want. The horizontal and diagonal arrangement are possible to do. Single shape might be boring, but it will be fun when you try to mix them. Be sure that you have a plenty of time to do this project. You will need to measure and place everything in the appropriate size to ensure that your floor stays down.

Pallet Wood Floor - Simple Pallet Wood Floor


7. Traditional look of pallet wood floor 

And yes, everyone is still in love with the wooden floor and furniture. The picture bellow looks so conventional with fireplace made from brick, wooden cabinets and wide screen across the fireplace always look good. Placing beige sofa with bright accessories is another way to create a statement. Be sure to set the best lighting arrangement so the beauty of wood family room will make a statement on the night.

Pallet Wood Floor - Light Brown Pallet Wood Floor
abuildingweshallgo.blogspot.com 8. Stairs with Pallet Wood Floor

Well, if you are thinking how to make your room close to nature, the bellow picture ideally perfect for your next project. Pallet wood floor installed over the stairs is something with some parts hung on the wall. It even looks better as the entrance is made from the stone. A contemporary home design with nature elements is not impossible.

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Pallet Wood Floor - Stairs with Pallet Floor

9. Pallet wood floor with modern furniture

Wooden chairs, metal chairs or another type of furniture are perfect to fit with the diagonal set of this pallet furniture bellow. We don’t need any rug or carpet to connect it with other living room elements as long as you keep the floor to be your focal point. Chairs are perfect for this type of floor.

Pallet Wood Floor - Inspiring Room with Pallet Floor

10. Vertical pallet floor with white cabinets 

The vertical wood floor bellow is perfectly stunning to pair with the white home elements like cabinets and electric fireplace. The choice of white color for the wall is good and let the floor arrangement stand out. The homeowner chooses the simple installment rather than trying the square form, diagonal look or mixing shape like the picture we have shown before. This is simplicity that will not irritate your eyes without leaving the beauty and balance. It is even the best look for a small living room. Do you want to try this look? Yes, it fits!

Pallet Wood Floor - Modern Fireplace with Pallet Floor

The pallet wood living room combined with the brown sofa and other wooden furniture are possible. Be sure not to place the same color in one space. It is boring! Choose the different tone instead! Other pictures for your next reference are bellow:

Pallet Wood Floor - Comfortable Living Room Pallet Floor


Pallet Wood Floor - Kitchen with Pallet Floor


Pallet Wood Floor - Fireplace with Pallet Floor


Pallet Wood Floor - Book Room Flooring Pallet


Pallet Wood Floor - The Art Pallet Floor

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