14+ Ways to Transform Your Dining Room Into a Modern One by Selecting the Right Chandelier

Not all homes have a dining room. These days there aren’t so many people and families that like to all sit down and have dinner together each day given the busy schedule and the commodity of dining, let’s say, in front of the living room TV for example. But this doesn’t mean that a dining room becomes unnecessary. Instead of trying to eliminate it you should try to think how to make it more suitable for your lifestyle. If you’re not the traditional type then find some other idea or concept around which to organize this space.

Light fittings not only provide light but create ambiance and teamed with wall lights and table lamps they also add to the decor. You can modify the dining room into a modern one by selecting the right chandeliers. Believe it or not, chandeliers plays an important role in transforming most of the look of the dining room. Take a look at these modern dining room chandelier ideas.

1.Edison Bulb Modern Dining Room Chandelier

Edison bulb idea is not an old thing to try for a chandelier look. By using the right and modern-looked material, it can turn your dining room into a stunning and simply modern.

Electric Modern

2. Simple and Modern Dining Room Chandelier

This modern chandelier concept for a dining room is having about 7 different sized lights but same sized bulbs. It looks simple and match perfectly to your modern furniture and decor.

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Minimalist Lighting

3. Modern Light Ball Chandelier for Dining Room

Anyone who see this chandelier at the first sight would amazed by the beauty of the light balls hanging above the dining table. Everybody would love the modern concept that could create a heartwarming dining atmosphere.

Contemporary Chandeliers

4. Contemporary Dining Room Chandelier

About contemporary light balls hanging above your dining table, sure anyone would happy to spend the dining time.

Modern Dining Room

5. Modern Hanging Dining Room Chandelier

A lot of tiny modern hanging light would great for your rectangle dining table. It is also perfect if you have a neutral dining room color decoration.

Tulip Chandelier

6. Twin Modern Hanging Chandelier

Twin modern chandelier may suit your long dining table if you only want a simple touch to your dining room. It is also bringing the contemporary and good mood for your dining time.

Beautiful Dining Room Chandeliers

7. Unique Modern Dining Room Chandelier

Who ever imagined this kind of chandelier could transform the dining room look into a modern one? Look at the unique shape hanging from the ceiling above the dining room. Beautiful, isn’t it?

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Modern Glass Chandeliers

8. Unique Dining Room Chandelier Idea

By one simple chandelier idea, a common even a traditional dining room could turn to be a beautiful modern dining room. Look at the picture below to proof the statement.

Simple Modern Chandelier

9. Elegant Contemporary Dining Room

By a modern chandelier, you can also have an elegant look through your dining room. Who doesn’t want to have a good dining time at the elegant dining room?

Twist Chandelier

10. Perfect for White Dining Room Concept

The huge white chandelier ball would emphasize your white dining room concept into a very modern and stunning one. Do not have a doubt to gather the whole family to enjoy the meal together in this room.

Fashionable Soft Contemporary Chandelier

11. Beautiful White Modern Dining Room Chandelier

Look at the beautiful white chandelier hanging above a small dining room. It can make the room look bigger and emphasize the look into a beautiful contemporary one.

Beautiful Minimalist Modern Dining Room

12. Sputnik Chandelier

If you are familiar with sputnik chandelier, you would love this sputnik chandelier. Look at the picture below and have an inspiration to transform your dining room into a modern one.

Sputnik chandelier

13. Simple Rectangle Base Shaped Chandelier

It doesn’t matter if you only have 2 member of the family. You can also have an amazing modern dining room by having this kind of chandelier, hanging above your little dining table.

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Contemporary dining room chandelier design

14. Minimalist Dining Room Chandelier

Here is the one that could perfectly match any kind of minimalist room. The minimalist modern chandelier could easily bring your dining room to the whole new level.

dining room pendants a change of space dining room chandelier

15. Modern Metallic Chandelier

Metallic color as you can see from the picture below is not a bad idea to try for a modern dining room. Moreover, it can make a futuristic look for your dining space.

open plan kitchen dining with modern chandelier

16. Modern Brass Chandelier

Well, brass chandelier is one of the good modern dining room ideas to try. Look at the picture below and adopt the brass chandelier to your dining room to have a modern atmosphere.

modern brass chandelier

17. 8 Light Chandelier in Brushed Nickel

Imagine you have 8 light  chandelier in brushed nickel hanging above your dining table. Even a simple and traditional dining room could turn into a modern one, right?

Contemporary Dining Room Chandelier

18. Modern Hanging Wooden Chandelier

Who says wood cannot represent the modern spirit if it is adopted to be an interior design material? This chandelier idea would proof that wood-accented chandelier could make the whole dining room atmosphere become comfortably modern.

Modern open living space chandelier


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