13 Vintage Closet Sets for Your Secret Fashionable Sanctuary

Fashion just cannot be separated with closet wardrobe, can it?

The answer perhaps is very simple since everyone needs something spacious enough to save all their beauty stuffs. Hence the choices are here for you waiting to pick up. Enjoy!

1. Vintage Shabby Chic Lily

Display the beauty of shabby shade in lily accent style with this vintage wardrobe for your beauty investment. It is kind of simple and glamorous without you need to do much effort.

Vintage Shabby Chic Lily

2. Wardrobe Closet Jewelry Armoire

Full and strong cupboard like your grandmother collection is now becoming your stuff! It is a priceless stuff instead of out of date kind of fashion style. You will never regret how strong and save this stuff can save all your beauty secret behind.

Wardrobe Closet: Wardrobe Closet Jewelry Armoire

3. Celebrity Makeover

You can have all the glamorous wardrobe for your daily stunning. but it takes a lot of effort to keep it safely, doesn’t it? No worry. This compact vintage stuff will help you elevate your stuffs so you can keep shining and stunning every day!

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Give Your Closet a Celebrity Makeover - theFashionSpot

4. Traditional Wood Sliding Wardrobe

For a typical of tidy and clean freak person, all you need is a simple yet great function closet to keep all your stuff in order. Mind to purchase this traditional wood sliding wardrobe saving as one of your must have fashion item. You won’t regret it!

Traditional Wood Sliding Wardrobe Interior Product Launch - Sliding ...

5. Peach And Grey Nursery

Are you a newbie parents who just blessed of having a cute and pretty baby girl? We understand that especially having a baby girl means the world full of stuffs! That is why this peach and grey nursery closet is here to help you.

Peach And Grey Nursery Design For A Baby Girl | Kidsomania

6. Vintage Walk In Closet Shelving

What a brilliant idea! Look how the designer creatively think that a closet would cost lot of room space. That is why this walk in closet shelving inside the wall being the choice. Simply elegant and pretty!

Vintage Walk In Closet Shelving Ideas Design for Bedroom Closet create ...

7. Round up Chandeliers in Closet

Never imagine that changing your clothes can have such  a fabulous sensation of Hollywood actress by this round up chandelier closet stuff with extra marvellous touches here there and everywhere!

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Inspiration Roundup: Chandeliers in Closets

9. White Vintage

Sometimes too much actions won’t help you. All you need is that a sleek and simple white vintage cupboard which perfectly represented your ideal figure of what fashion stuff should be alike.

Wardrobe Closet: Wardrobe Closet White Vintage

10. Shop Rhyming

Whenever you feel bored of such ordinary close models, why don’t you take a look at a glance to this simple display of wardrobe like you can always find in the shop? You just need to buy the holder and voila! All is hanged there.

clock, closet, vintage

11. Antique Wardrobe Closet Armoire

A mystical and elegant antique wardrobe closet reminding you of a magic wardrobe performed in Narnia movie. Once you get in, you have to be ready for the unpredicted adventurous journey behind!

Antique Wardrobe Closet Armoire

12. Fascinating Walk In Closet

A cool and spacious in mixes of modern and traditional walk in closet give you a very airy and fresh feeling of dress up. You can choose and save everything here in just one simple step.

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Fascinating Walk In Closet Design Collection

13. Shabby Chic Wardrobe

Girl, beware. You probably never ever want to go out of this super pretty and so fairy tale style shabby chic shade closet wardrobe choice! That’s all the best caption ever needed for this priceless beauty of vintage closet ever made ever!

Shabby Chic Wardrobe


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