13 Awesome Kids Bathroom Decor Inspirations

Decorating kids bathroom can be very fun. Every corner of the bathroom is about fun. It’s the place where they’re likely to start and end each day, so make sure it feels fun and welcoming. You have to make a space with bold themes and interesting details. Don’t forget to fill the space with soft textures and smart organization tricks. Kids interests and personality are very important if you want to make a place where they will feel comfortable. Kids can quickly outgrow youthful bathroom designs full of whimsical creatures and pastel hues. These amazing yet playful bathrooms can be perfect for both kids, even for adults.

1.Colorful Pictures on Wall

This would make the kids bathroom become more attractive and playful. The kids would never have any excuse to take a bath or brush their tooth anymore.


2. Winnie the Pooh Theme

This is a perfect theme if your kids love every single character in Winnie the Pooh. It is very simple as you only have to create the theme by the shower curtain. It is more than enough if you have a small and simple bathroom.

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Winnie The Pooh

3. Sailor Themed Kids Bathroom

It is always fun to relate a bathroom with sailor theme. The kids can have some paintings related to sailor theme such as ships, islands or anything else. In the other side they can have a sailor themed bathtub and shower curtain. It is more fun if you can personalized the towel with sailor theme and their name on it.


4. Creative Kids Bathroom with TV

It is so rare to find a bathroom with black wall, moreover, it is for kids. Who can even wonder it could be a unique concept for kids bathroom decor, as you can see from the pictures below. Maybe if your kids is a little bit stubborn for doing their bathroom activity, you can make the room with a TV so they will have no doubt to enter the bathroom.


5. Lego Bathroom for Kids

Here comes the Lego themed! Who doesn’t love Lego? Even a lot of adults still love the toys. Adopt it as the theme of the kids bathroom. They will love to have it.

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6. Underwater-Themed Kids Bathroom

Bathroom often related to water theme. For kids, why not applying some underwater theme touch? It would be so fun to have walls as we dive under the sea and a lot of fish swimming with us.


7. Girly Ombre Curtain for Kids Bathroom

This could be a lovely idea for your little girl. Modifying their shower curtain with ombre color and pretty shape would change the whole perspective of a bathroom concept.


8. Green Decoration for Kids Bathroom

The kids would love to have this kind of bathroom idea. Green is always a fresh and a color with a lot of positive energy. Kids also could feel like they are playing in the garden or park while they are actually having a bath.

Attractive Green

9. Yellow-Themed Kids Bathroom

Yellow often  said as a neutral color. It can be used as girls or boys’ color. It also suits every age. Make it as the theme of your kids bathroom, and it would be a timeless design.


10. Colorful Curtain and Decor in White Bathroom for Kids

If you already have a white bathroom, do not worry. You can also have a colorful decoration by playing with the curtain, pictures and any other decoration to have a colorful look for your kids bathroom.

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11. Cute and Classic Design For Kids Bathroom

Classic and shabby chic bathroom is not a bad idea to do for your kids bathroom. It would have a lovely look for your kids, especially for the girls.


12. Girl’s Bathroom with Floral Design

Girls would always love flowers. If you have to decorate your little girls’bathroom, you can copy this bathroom concept. Floral walls and floral curtain. You can also personalized the towel and any other bathing stuffs.


13. Fun Bathroom Guide for Kids in Pictures

Do not forget to have a fun educational stuffs on the kids bathroom. As they might be forget of every single thing they are going to do in the bathroom, you can make a fun guide with a colorful DIY pictures on the wall. Have fun!

Kids Bathroom Art

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