12 Vintage Industrial Decor Ideas

Industrial and vintage are 2 different terms that are completely harmony in many ways. Choosing them to make your room looks better is never a bad choice.

Nowadays vintage decor items are big hits around people who want to makeover their room, especially their personal bedroom or even a living room. There are so many options on the market, choosing the right decor item carefully can be so difficult. Therefore, homeideasblog has collated the best decor to inspire you.

1. Letter A Metal Marquee

Use this light up letter to spell out a message such as “EAT” in your home kitchen, “LOVE” at a wedding or add initials to a child’s room. Decor opportunities are endless.

Darice Silver Metal Marquee / product on Amazon.com

2. Antique Metal Steampunk Gears

These metal steampunk gears are good for crafts DIY and decorations. It comes with many shape variations to complete your tiny decoration idea.

DIY Assorted Color Antique Metal Gears / product on Amazon.com

3.Antique Cream Wall Clock

This antique wall clock has a chic open back style. The cream-colored finish creating a rustic look on purpose. It is suitable to be hanged on a soft colored wall and even a brick wall.

FirsTIme & Co. 31043 Whitney Wall Clock / product on Amazon.com

4. Farmhouse Chic Flower Can

This is a flower can that comes with a rustic metal based. The best spot to put this beautiful rustic can is over a rustic wooden table.

Vintage Industrial Farmhouse Chic Flower and Plants Can / product on Amazon.com

5. Erasable Chalkboard Pipe Frame

This is a large industrial style chalkboard with a metal frame. It is ideal for creating a cafe look in your kitchen or dining room.

Industrial Style Erasable Chalkboard / product on Amazon.com

6. Printed Tesla Wall Art

This is a unique reproduction print of the Tesla Patent Photo. Add these historical conversational art pieces to your home.

Tesla Patent Wall Art Prints / product on Amazon.com

7. Vintage Aviation Wall Art

Every detail on the ironwork wall decoration is made by hand after careful polishing and welding. It is smooth without cutting the hands. The details are exquisite and in place. The scratches, spots, and convexity of the products are all made to meet the overall retro style of the products.

YOUKI Metal Airplane Proeller Wall Decor / product on Amazon.com

8. Industrial Water Spigot Towel Ring

This is a rustic metal based towel ring. The best spot to apply it is in your industrial bathroom. There is no need to worry that the corrosion will stick to your white towel as it consists of well-finished color paint.

Water Spigot Towel Ring / product on Amazon.com

9. Industrial Steel Grey Iron Fittings

You can make a custom floating shelves with this vintage pipe fittings. This is a perfect blend of convenience and fashion, these rustic, farmhouse style shelf brackets add a modern DIY appeal anywhere. The chic charm of industrial-inspired shelving adds eye-catching style to your home and is sure to spark some interesting conversation.

Rustic Pipe Decor Industrial Shelf Brackets / product on Amazon.com

10. Rustic Metal Pipe Bookends

Get some real use out of your decorations! This Pipe Decor bookend kit has a glossy black finish that fits with a variety of styles. Whether you had a modern, industrial, vintage, or rustic theme in your space, these book holders are sure to tie your room together.

PIPE DECOR Black Cast Iron Pipe Bookends / product on Amazon.com

11. Rustic Desk Clock

This charming clock will make your home a little cozier. The clock looks like a globe or a bicycle wheel with metal spokes. It has a worn brown look that will help add class to any space.

Lily’s Home Rustic Desk Tabletop Clock / product on Amazon.com

12. Industrial Metal Table Lamp

Add renaissance style and versatility to your home and office with this adjustable task lamp. It has clean lines and a finely brushed antique brass finish combines industrial and classic styles for a fresh feel.

Rivet Pike Factory Industrial Table Lamp / product on Amazon.com

The industrial house style needs a big amount of rustic and vintage decor items. Completing the items collection is a great joy to make your day.

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