12 Stunning Crystal Chandeliers Everybody Would Love to Have

A contemporary living room can serve many different functions, from a formal sitting area to a casual living space. As you start browsing trendy living room decorating ideas for your home, think about the space’s desired purpose and focus on a few staple items, such as a comfortable sofa and a coffee table, then choose the rest of the accent furniture and decor accordingly. But it is actually all about the lighting!

Kick your dining room style up a notch with a stunning crystal chandelier. You would love the glam with shimmering crystal pendants hanging on your dining table, makes everybody in the room would enjoy the meal. In this post, you’ll find examples of stunning crystal  chandelier for the dining room in your home. Enjoy experimenting with the light!

1.Modern Crystal Chandelier

This modern crystal chandelier would an extra comfortable look for your simple dining room. It also gives the elegant look for your dining space.

Contemporary Crystal Chandelier in a Traditional Dining Room

2. Allured Crystal Chandelier with Translucent Fabric Shade

When a beautiful crystal chandelier half covered with round translucent fabric shade, it is not instantly change the stunning look. Imagine it is settled up for a dining room, everyone would enjoy the meal time.

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Organza Silk Drum Shade Crystal Chandelier

3. Classic Crystal Chandelier

Classic style never gets old. Adopt the classic look from the chandelier below to transform your dining room into the whole new level.

Dining room crystal chandelier

4. Modern Framed Crystal Chandelier

This modern crystal chandelier make a beautiful minimalist look for the room. Look at the picture below and have an inspiration about a kind of framed chandelier just like what the picture shows.

Dining Rooms modern crystal chandelier

5. Beautiful Shaped Modern Crystal Chandelier

A line of crystal chandelier is also a stunning and catchy stuff that worth to have as a dining room decoration. Different shaped crystal hanging in one line of chandelier concept. See the picture below for the idea.

Crystal Dining Room Chandelier

6. Star and Ball Light from Crystal Chandelier

This stunning star and ball lights hanging for a chandelier concept will bring a new atmosphere for your dining room. Do not let anybody in the house miss the experience of having a meal together under the chandelier’s light.

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LED Moon Ship Crystal Chandeliers

7. Modern Dining Room Crystal Chandelier

Have you see the modern framed chandelier mentioned above? Look at the picture below if you want to have the unique experience by removing the frame concept.

The Importance of the Right Chandelier

8. Pretty Idea for Dining Room Crystal Chandelier

No one is never get enough for a lot of tiny crystal hanging above the dining table. It makes the dining time become more interesting, and of course it can gather family easily.

Thread: Crystal chandeliers for dining room

9. Good Combination of Crystal Chandelier and Wallpaper

Do not forget to have a good combination with the decoration item around. Look at how the crystal chandelier have a good combination with the good wallpaper choice What a lovely dining room!

The Glam Crystal Chandelier

10. Crystal Ball Chandelier for Dining Room

Everybody will fall in love with your dining room if seeing it decorated with these crystal balls chandelier concept. Agree?

 Droplet crystal chandelier

11. Glamorous Crystal Chandeliers

If you want to have a glamorous touch for your dining room, more than one huge chandelier is not enough. Be brave to have 3 or 4 huge crystal chandelier hanging above your dining table to have a perfect glamour look.

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Venezia Crystal Chandelier

12. Blue Classic Crystal Chandelier

Nobody said that a crystal chandelier should be in white or transparent color. Adopt this blue crystal chandelier to your dining room and have an amazing result for the room’s look!

Blue crystal chandelier


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