12 Ideas Everyone Should Consider Before Picking the Right Wood Exterior Door

A door is the first thing guests meet when they arrive, and the last thing they see after leaving. The front or exterior door is often the focal point of a home exterior. A nice exterior door tells visitors that the inside of your home is well kept and comfortable. Choose the right material for your exterior door to make a stunning details and reflects your home style.

Wood is still most popular choice of material for construction of doors, windows and ventilators because of ease of cutting, shaping and joinery with simple hand tools. There is no problem of rusting in wooden door, and it has a cheap and easy maintenance cost. So, what is the problem for you not to have a wood exterior door?

Let’s take a look at 12 Wood Exterior Door Ideas to have some inspirations.

1. White Framed Wooden Exterior Door

The warmth of wood color combined with a contrasting color such as white will easily emphasize the look of your exterior door. It will give a beauty in its simplicity.

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2. Material Combination for Wooden Exterior Door

A creative blend of materials creates a distinguishing overhang that adds a sense of scale and purpose. Do not worry to combine wooden exterior door with artistic glass surrounded by beautifully-shaped plants.


3. Simple Carved Wood Exterior Door

Carved design is an elaborate wood door option that makes a stylish statement. Carved doors feature classic raised panel, board and batten, stacked panel or a custom design.


4. Good Colored Wood Exterior Door

Now let’s move on to a collection of exterior wood doors that emphasize color. This green door stands out against the surrounding potted plants, a cute chandelier and a small seating space.


5. Modern Painted Wood Exterior Door with Frosted Glass

Here’s another take on tiny panes, this one with frosted glass to provide ample privacy while still retaining a bright and sunny appeal.


6. Minimalist Wood Exterior Door

Natural materials meet minimalism in this gorgeous entryway. This sleek and modern design uses uncomplicated modern materials, its stripes serving up just a touch of decoration for visual interest.

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7. 3D-like Carved Wood Exterior Door

This door offers another amazing example of construction turning ordinary materials into something magical. In this case, this exterior wood door provides an extraordinary way to explore our sight by looking it as a huge 3D material while it is a flat door.

Front Entry Doors – Exterior Doors – Wood Doors – Door emporium

8. The Power of Lanterns and Plants

Framing a front door with a pair of lanterns and tall potted plants takes your curb appeal to the next level.

Entry Doors With Sidelights

9. Unique Combination of Blue Wood Exterior Door and Window

This rustic wood door gets a quirky makeover. Painted in teal and framed in unique ‘P’ shape, it’s a wonderful example of a successful style marriage.

Unique Front Doors on Pinterest | Door Pulls, Exterior Doors and Apple

10. Modern Symmetrical Wood Exterior Door with Clear Panes

This modern symmetrical wood exterior door with clear panes matches perfectly with the architectural style of this modern home. The idea below brings the door together architecturally with the porch windows.

Front Door Custom - Single with 2 Sidelites - Solid Wood with Natural

11. Classic Wood Exterior Door

Have a classic charm by this classic wooden exterior door. The sidelights lighten the look while giving the occupant a view of visitors.

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exterior door models 10

12. Blue Single Wood Exterior Door

Who doesn’t wanted to be known as a person with unique front door, just like what we know from Pretty Woman movies? The house with a blue door. This blue wooden exterior door will successfully fulfill the need of your character.

Gallery Of Unique Front Door Attractive Unique Front Door Paint Colors

After all, wood is having a lot of advantage for exterior doors. Have a good time choosing your favorite wood exterior door. Friends at Orkin Termite Control remind you to not forget that wooden doors can be affected by termite and insects, and you have to aware about it.

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