12 Exotic Bamboo Flooring Gallery

The current trend in flooring right now is the use of bamboo. Why? Because bamboo flooring is an environmentally safe resource that gives off the sleek, sophisticated look of classic hardwood floors. As with regular wood floors, bamboo is versatile and can achieve that finished look in any living space. If elegance is what you want your room to convey, then vertical, carbonized bamboo in a walnut, espresso or even a cherry hue is what you need. Bamboo flooring is cut either vertical or horizontally. Vertical lines are finer and cleaner, and grains are less noticeable. Use horizontal cuts for a more rugged appearance.

For a more natural look, use unfinished bamboo. It is blonde in color and would look fantastic in a smaller or dimly lit room, making the space appear bigger and more airy. If cut horizontally, the unique grains will stand out. Of course, you can buy bamboo flooring in any natural shade. You can even have a parquet design with bamboo flooring. In its natural or carbonized shade, which is a rich, honey brown, bamboo floors will give a polished look to your living space.

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1. Compressed Shine

Bold dark compressed bamboo flooring would best contrasted with the light white wall of the home wall ideas.

 compressed bamboo

2. Natural Tuscon

Natural look of the white Tuscon model will embrace perfectly with the surround calm and joyful appliance of the home design.

Bamboo Flooring Tecsun

3. Dream Downside

The vertical line of the floor accent will renew the total outlook of the home design, especially at the room where you spend your time most such as bedroom and living room.

Bamboo Flooring Downsides

4. Geraldton Decor

Contrasting dark grain floors is a perfect kitchen flooring choice when cabinets are painted are white. It is one absolute way nice idea for your modern home design in interior looks.

Bamboo Flooring Decor Geraldton

5. Strand Woven

This blond bamboo, in a horizontal construction, lends a contemporary, exotic flavor of the typical modern living room where you can always modify it well.

Strand Bamboo Flooring

6. Solid Hardwood

Bold patterned bamboo floors make a statement in the living room to complete your dignity warm with your lovely ones. What a perfect choice then!

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Solid Bamboo Hardwood Flooring

7. Solid Solitude 

Modern living room in light shades is highlighted with light bamboo floors. Bamboo floors can be easily sanded and refinished getting a new look.

Solid Bamboo Flooring

8. Light Abstract

Light-colored vertical bamboo floors to contrast with dark furniture to be applied at your bed room. You must be getting wondered how it contributes big on your bedroom remodel outlook.

Bamboo Floors

9. Ombre Bamboo

Ombre bamboo floors transform the whole room look into something cute and preserve. You can get enough of it not!

Nail Down Bamboo Flooring

10. Clear Richmond 

Light brown flooring soothes the orange accent wall, probably. You can just imply this idea well balanced with it. What a cute and nice combination then, don’t you agree?

Richmond Bamboo Flooring

11. Glossy Smooth 

Bamboo floors are eco-friendly and all-natural, don’t you agree? Look how natural and sweet this flowing pattern of the bamboo gives to you. So enchanting and warm.

Bamboo Flooring Smooth Collection

12. Serenity Halm 

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Solid carbonized silk wood bamboo floors would never notice you a lot every time you step on it beyond and behind. Just like this marvelous image below.

Bamboo Flooring Gallery

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