12 Cube Storage Shelves Ideas You Should Not Miss Before Choosing The Best One for Your Space

Earlier we’ve talked about how to decorate wall shelves for your beautiful wall storage. Actually, there is something else matter for the look of the wall shelves that would make it instantly beautiful without a complicated decoration. It is the uniqueness of its shape. One of the most favorite shape of floating shelves is a cube storage shelves concept.

Cube shelving offers a unique take on modern storage solutions. Instead of a big, thick cabinet or bookcase, you can arrange the cubes or other modular wall shelving to create whatever design you like and to fit into whatever space you like. You can hang these shelves on the wall, stack them on the floor, or take advantage of vertical space going all the way to the ceiling. You can even arrange them in unique designs.

If you are looking for some cube storage shelves ideas, don’t worry. There are thousands of idea around the internet, but we’ve collected the best 12 ideas, just for you. Take a look and enjoy!

1. An idea of 9-cube storage shelves below is one of the most favorite idea to try. With dark wooden color, it easily fits any room with natural color.

Cube Storage Shelves 1

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2. This is the white color version of the previous idea. If you are a fan of white colored furniture, it is very good to adopt one of this idea to be one of you favorite property.

Cube Storage Shelves 2

3. This Dark wooden vertical cube shelf is also good if you need a little space of storage but don’t know how to manage it properly. Seems really cool with the dark color and wooden texture on it.

Cube Storage Shelves 3

4. It is always fun to combine some cube storage shelves in different level of height just like the idea below. They will make a unique look if you install them right next to each other in ordered height.

Cube Storage Shelves 4

5. A cube storage shelf is also good to combine with some storage baskets. Whether it is a plastic, wooden, rattan or fabric baskets, just like what you can see from the picture below.

Cube Storage Shelves 5

6. This vertical 4-cubes storage shelf is good for you if you don’t have any wide space for a shelf of cabinets. That is the advantage of all vertical shaped storage.

Cube Storage Shelves 6

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7. Or let’s have them in artistic way, just like the idea you can see from the picture below. Different shaped cube combined randomly and make a artistic storage for your space.

Cube Storage Shelves 7

8. Every movable furniture is always worth to have as it has an energy saving benefit. Just like the idea of this orange cube storage shelves below. A very interesting and fresh color with its wheels that make it more valuable to have.

Cube Storage Shelves 8

9. Look at his 9-cube light wooden storage shelf! A very catchy combination with some space opened and some other have their cute door. And of course, the color and texture play important part to the catchy look.

Cube Storage Shelves 9

10. Floating shelves concept is also good for cube storage. Look at this different sized cube, combined together on a clean wall and ready to store your items beautifully.

Cube Storage Shelves 10

11. White is always good to combine with any color. Wooden color and texture is not an exception. For a cube storage shelves, you can try this idea below with the combination of white and wooden color to bring a modern and catchy look to your space.

Cube Storage Shelves 11

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12. To have a plastic cube storage shelf is not a bad decision to do. Look at this stunning idea of plastic cube storage shelf. Really worth to have and of course, very practical!

Cube Storage Shelves 12


Cube storage shelves really help people make more use of their space and to get the look they want for their homes. Have you got your favorite one from the ideas above? Or you just want to take them all? Manage you decision wisely.

Have a good time experimenting with your cube storage shelves choice, if you have anything to share, do not hesitate to share through the comment’s column. Thank you for reading!

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