12 Creative Ideas You can Apply to Your Basement Design

Basements have a big appeal for growing families who do not want to move house. If a basement is an option it means you can stay in a home you love, in an area where you have already put down roots. Basements can be a good way of gaining extra space in sensitive sites where there are height restrictions. A full basement can mean the house can benefit from an additional storey, without having to raise the ridge height of the roof.

With some creative basement ideas you can tap into that extra square footage and create a beautiful addition to your home. Here are 12 Creative Ideas You can Apply for Your Basement Design. Enjoy!

1. Your Personal Music Space

Having a good personal space in your basement allows you to explore your inspiration, especially if you love to play and create musics.


2. Extraordinary Basement Modification

It is always fun to have a space to explore your unique interior passion without exposed to all of the guest that will come to your house.

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3. Cozy Basement Drink Bar and Sofa

You can have your private drink bar and cozy gathering space in your basement without disturbing any other activity and space in your room.


4. Creative Cozy Space for Small Basement

It is okay if you have a small basement, you can make a cozy personal space just like what you can see from the picture below:


5. Rustic Basement Design for Small Space

Here is another choice for a small basement. Rustic style with a good lighting will create an amazing personal space.


6. Creative Small Drinking Bar for Basement

Not enough space for a drinking bar in your kitchen? Don’t worry, make them in your basement, and have this creative basement drinking bar space.


7. Creative Basement with Wine Storage

A basement should not always have to be a closed and dark area. This idea of wine storage basement really give a good reference for a good basement lighting.

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8. Creative Basement Library

Are you a bookworm kind of person? Make a good space to store and read your book in your basement and you can explore the world whenever you want.


9. Creative Basement for Kid’s Space

Some people use basement as a playing space for their kids. Take a look at the picture below to have an inspiration of creative kid’s space in a basement area.


10. Creative Basement as Kid’s Indoor Playing Space

Here’s another reference of creating an interesting kid’s space in your basement.


11. Creative Basement Music Studio

A music studio in your basement? Why not!


12. Basement with Mini Home Cinema

You can also have a creative mini home cinema in your basement just like the picture below.

Mini Cinema

Already have the perfect choice for your creative basement design? Be creative and have a nice time in your new creative basement!

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