11+ Wood Pallet Wall Inspirations for Your Living Space

Good Wood Pallet Wall Inspirations for Your Living Space

Make your wall be extraordinary with a touch of wood pallet. An artistic wall can add a unique style to your room. So you should have distinctive stylish and attractive sense of decoration to cover the walls. Wood pallet wall project is a perfect choice. Am I kidding? Not at all. You just need to use your imagination, and design the perfect look and decide on which side you should place them. It could touch up your walls and enhance its beauty and grace. Maybe you only lack the inspiration and ideas. So here we’ve collected more that 11 wood pallet ideas that will help you get inspired. Enjoy and make your interior artistic and fanciful!

1.Wood Pallet Wall for Living Room

Everyone would love to have a cozy living room. You can make one side of your living room’s wall as the wood pallet wall. You can see the result by the picture below.

Living Room

2. Renew the Toilet with Horizontal Wood Pallet Wall

Look at the picture below and see how a wood pallet wall can change the whole atmosphere of your toilet. With some simple additional decorations, seems like it is a luxurious hotel’s toilet.

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Pallet wood wall for bathroom

3. One Side Wood Pallet Wall for Living Room

With a pallet wall, you can define and emphasize a part of a room, too. For example, you can separate the living room’s wall from the other wall and make the space more cozy and intimate that nobody will get up easily from the couch. The wall can also decorated with some wall decoration just like the common wall.

Cozy Room

4. Half Wood Pallet Wall

You don’t have to make all surface from a side of the wall covered with a wood pallet wall. Look at the picture below, leave the outer side of the wall empty with no wood pallet. Look at the stunning result, looks like the wood pallet has a white wall border.

Half wooden pallet wall

5. Wide Horizontal Wood Pallet Wall

This idea has no big difference from the toilet idea mentioned before. The difference is the wood pallet has a wider width. It would make your toilet look bigger than before.

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Wide Horizontal for Toilets

6. Wood Pallet Wall as a Room Partition

You can make your room partition have an extraordinary by using wood pallet wall. You can also combine it with a clear glass to make the whole room look bigger.

Room Devider

7. Abstract Pattern and Size of Wood Pallet Wall

This unique wood pallet wall idea is worth to try for you who have creative concept of interior design. With vivid-colored wood pallet, and some wall decoration, sure would make your room edgy and catchy.

Vivid Wood Color Combination

8. Wood Pallet Wall for Baby’s Room

Your baby’s room is not an exception for having a wood pallet wall concept. The good news is, it suits any gender as the room would be in a neutral color. It gives calm and warm atmosphere to your baby, so you do not have to be worry.

Baby's Room

9. Rustic Wood Pallet Wall for Cozy Bedroom

Who says you cannot apply the wood pallet wall to a bedroom? Look at this idea, a rustic wood pallet wall beautify the look of your bedroom interior and make anyone wont dare to get up easily in the morning.

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rustic wood pallet wall

10. 3D Wood Palette Wall

If having a simple and flat wood pallet wall is too boring for your creative mind, you might love this idea. A 3D wood pallet wall with different-length of wood. With a clever lighting, the wall would look very impressive and stunning!

Pallet Wood 3d wall

11. Wood Pallet Wall as Wall Ornament

Wood pallet wall is not always have to cover all of the wall. It also can be an ornament or an additional decoration of a room. Just because it is only a decoration, doesn’t mean it has no power to beautify the space. Look at the picture below to proof the idea is a good choice, too.

statement wooden wall

12. Different Colored Wood Pallet Wall for Dining Room

Using wood pallet wall as one of your dining room’s side is not a bad idea to try! Have a wonderful dining room with different-colored wood pallet wall and take a look at picture below to see the example.

Contrasting wood color


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