11 Beautiful Curtain Inspirations for Sliding Glass Door to Add Privacy and Taste

Sliding glass doors have become an important part of many such ultra-stylish designs as they blur borders and keep us visually connected with our vibrant surroundings. While sliding glass doors do bring along with them plenty of advantages, privacy is most certainly not one among them. This is precisely what curtains for sliding glass doors for.

Even though living rooms and dining areas might not always employ curtains for the sake of privacy, modern bedroom with sliding glass doors surely need some. If you need some ideas about beautiful curtain for your glass sliding door, you are in the right place. Let’s take a look at these 11 beautiful curtain for sliding glass door inspirations we’ve collected, just for you. Enjoy!

1. Dark Brown Triple Pinch Pleat Curtain

Emphasize the look of you room with the dark color of this glass sliding door curtain. The bold color will make the room look less-boring and beautifully elegant!


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2. Matchstick Vertical Eyelet Curtain

Good for you who don’t want to block all of the natural light from the outside. Privacy and natural lights seem so interesting!


3. Moss Green Tied Thermal Curtain for Glass Sliding Door

Looking for an idea of thermal curtain in a stylish way? This idea below might satisfy your needs perfectly. With a moss green color, will make your glass sliding door covered freshly.


4. Classic Cartridge Curtain

Give a classic touch to your glass sliding door with this baby blue classic cartridge curtain, and a sash curtain might be a good idea.


5. Black and White Natural Patterned Cartridge Curtain

Give a dynamic addition to your glass sliding door with this black and white natural patterned cartridge curtain.


6. Pinch Pleats Curtain in Dark Pattern

Or you want an elegant pattern to be your glass sliding door curtain? You might love this idea of pinch pleats curtain in dark pattern. Take a look at the picture below for the idea.

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7. Vertical Bamboo Eyelet Curtain

Bamboo is one of the most favorite materials for a home accessories. This one comes in a vertical eyelet curtain that will complete the look and need of your glass sliding door curtain.


8. Floral Patterned Pinch Pleat Curtain

If you are a fan of floral pattern, you might love this idea of glass sliding door curtain. A floral patterned pinch pleat curtain that would beautify the look of the room.


9. Light Floral Pattern on Pencil Pleats Curtain

Or you might choose this idea of light floral patter on pencil pleat curtain. It will fit a room with light or natural color concept.


10. Green Eyelet Curtain

If you want to give a room with a glass sliding door a fresh look, this green eyelet curtain might be a good idea for you. An eyelet curtain that gives a modern look for a room will fit the fresh green color perfectly.

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11. Elegant White Sash Curtain

Here is one of the best elegant white sash curtain for your glass sliding door. With gold color combination from the railing, sure will make it look simple and splendid.


Remember to match the existing design of the door and room before choosing your favorite idea of a glass sliding door curtain. If you are looking for some glass door inspirations, you can take a look at out glass interior door ideas. Hope you enjoyed the post, and have a good time experimenting with the glass sliding door curtains!

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