10+ Stunning Living Room Ideas With Grey Wood Floor

And, yes! Grey wood floor is in style today for the upcoming home design and people are beginning to like it. It is rare in nature. In fact, they are very different in some species of wood. Sometimes, we see them in grey with yellow hues, beige hues or green tones.

So, what is actually people found in the grey wood floor? This flooring type is easy for a homeowner to make any visual effects. It is neutral, stable and peaceful. If you choose the contemporary home interior, the grey wood floor is perfect! Formal rooms mostly go with it. Basically, the darker shades of the grey floor are an ideal backdrop for you who are planning to place bold accents like red for example. It works extremely good with white and grey living room ideas. Many experts suggest having such grey shades to create an impressive look than trying to mix all the bright and bold colour in one place. It will irritate your eyes instead. However, keep in mind to think about how you will bring the room into life. The picture bellow seems to be plain colour when you pick the neutral items. Make sure you know how to let the light be in.

1. Empty Living Room and Grey Wood Floor

Sometimes the grey floor will create a gloomy feel when you set it less light and wrong furniture combinations. White and beige are good but it comes to be plain and boring when you haven’t put the bold colour. Navy blue and red pillows on your sofas will save your room.

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Grey Wood Floor - Empty Living Room and Grey Wood Floor

2. Yellow Sofa with Grey Wood Floor

Well, taking the yellow sofas will make the room turn into the statement. You can connect the yellow sofas with grey accessories. And the grey wall? Of course, it is a perfect choice and the homeowner knows what should be the focal point. A table lamp with low lighting supported by the chandelier at the centre. The big window across the door will  give a different feel in the morning till the sunset. You see the picture only brings several components of colours with yellow, white and grey, but the homeowner diligently combines it well so it comes to be our most favourable item.

Grey Wood Floor - Yellow Sofa with Grey Wood Floor

3. Dining Room with Laminate Grey Wood Floor


For you who are hoping a contemporary design, take a look at the picture bellow with the grey wood floor and white and grey furniture. The homeowner simply set a dominant white furniture and wall colour. Then it is paired with dark grey kitchen backsplash to connect the atmosphere. The interesting point of this design is the metal accessories and black countertop. A nice bid-red art frame next to the kitchen cabinet nicely brings the living room to life. A nice try with less effort for dining room remodelling ideas. It is smart with a minimum colour combination so it keeps simple and elegant.

Grey Wood Floor - Dining Room with Laminate Grey Wood Floor


4. Traditional White Kitchen with Grey Wood Floor

So opting a traditional living room with classical furniture like a set of chairs furnished with gold is not a mistake. The effort of making the living room into traditional look combined with the grey wood floor is not that difficult. See the set of furniture bellow with small accents like cute potted plants on the table. Even though this floor has the brown shade, it is precisely perfect to connect with homeowner concept.

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Grey Wood Floor - Traditional White Kitchen with Grey Wood Floor

5. Modern Interior Design with Grey Wood Floor

Another option for the grey floor is the modern design of the picture bellow. The homeowner makes a perfect full set of accessories and furniture in each corner. The table lamps are well-placed on each table but in a wise lighting arrangement. Therefore, the accessories like classic ornaments look stunning under the lamp light.


Grey Wood Floor - Modern Interior Design with Grey Wood Floor

6. Book Room with Grey Pallet Wood Floor

Smart arrangement of this grey wood floor bellow combined with wooden book shelve create the best look ever. Meanwhile, the brick wall merge with the floor and other component making it modern and eye-friendly. And yes, wide window give different feel and lighting section. Ensure to pick appropriate curtain.

Grey Wood Floor - Book Room with Grey Pallet Wood Floor

7. Fantastic Modern Living Room with White Wall and Grey Wood Floor

Another option for modern living room design bellow can be your next reference. For such small living room, the idea of installing the hanging shelves can save your space. Then, just like the pictures before, the grey wood floor always match with the grey and white floor. Or, you can opt for the beige if you think grey, black and white colours  are too mainstream.

Grey Wood Floor - Fantastic Modern Living Room with White Wall and Grey Wood Floor

8. Traditional Living Room With Wooden Furniture

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So, wooden furniture still becomes the most favourite item for some  people. But when you love the grey wood floor, the bellow picture is not bad. Grey sofas with a bright colourful pillow can change the look dramatically. As your wall, furniture and floor are made of wood, so opting the colourful accessories is a must. The long sofa and the open cabinet behind the sofa fill the room decorated with the books.

Grey Wood Floor - Traditional Living Room with Grey Wood Floor

9. Decorating Modern Living Room with Grey Wood Floor

The best living room design for the grey wood floor is pairing with the white and black furniture. The picture bellow is stunningly placing the big sofa right across the fireplace. The idea of choosing the grey rug to connect the floor and another component in the room like black chairs next to the sofa. Even though the homeowner paints the wall in white instead of other tones, it is still connected to the ceiling has the wooden accents and other white elements included.

Grey Wood Floor - Decorating Modern Living Room with Grey Wood Floor


The principle of decorating a room with grey wood colour is how you will substitute unimportant colour. Lighting matters as well as your furniture choice. Don’t forget to think about the focal point in each room which is only one item should be the attention. Never trying to combine colourful furniture in one space. Decide, which one that will dominate the room. The rest of them will exist as a supporting item. Take a look at our gallery bellow for more inspiration.

Grey Wood Floor - Modern Kitchen Light Grey Wood Floor Hardwood


Grey Wood Floor - Grey Wood Effect Laminate Flooring


Grey Wood Floor - Black Sofa Combine Grey Wood Floor

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