10 Small Sofa Table Ideas You May Love to Adopt

The sofa table dates back to the late 1700s and is, basically, a long drop-leaf table. The table was often placed in front of the sofa to be used by two people sitting snugly together. It also had a drop leaf at either end and at least one drawer in the center, features that made it a versatile piece for decorative storage. Fast forward to the early 2000s — the sofa table is now mainly hidden behind the sofa or used as a room divider in homes with open floor plans, but it’s still marked by versatility and style.

It may be called the sofa table, but your sofa table no longer has to be your sofa’s companion piece. Tuck a usable, but mismatched, sofa table behind the sofa as a stand for table lamps. Sofa tables are invaluable resources as room dividers for open living spaces and can create a seamless transition from one space, be it a hallway or dining room, to the living room area. Amplify the sofa table’s usefulness by tucking floor poufs or small stools underneath to provide extra seating that’s easily accessible when needed, or decorative storage bins for shoes or children’s toys.┬áIf you are looking for some small sofa table ideas, here we collected some of the best small sofa tables for you.

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1.Ivory White Small Sofa Table

Classic white wooden sofa table with 2 drawers will complete your warm interior and suits to any kind of neutral-colored room.

Ivory White Small SofaTable

2. Simple Small Sofa Table

This simple and slim kind of sofa table is a very space-save, with thin line and edges and minimalist shape, also white as the surface would not make it as a dominant furniture and easily adapted to the other ones.

small simple sofa table home

3. Vintage Small Table

This kind of sofa table can be positioned behind the sofa or as a console table beside the wall. The classic wooden design will satisfy anyone who stay in a room with it.

Antique small sofa table

4. Wooden Surface Small Sofa Table

The wooden table can be modern too. By wooden surface of the table and modern stand, it can be transformed as a modern and futuristic sofa table.

Small Wood Top Sofa Table

5. Small Black Sofa Table

Black is never getting boring. Look at this kind of small black sofa table. It will suit any theme and color of the room because black is a neutral color.

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Narrow Black Sofa Table

6. Elegant Small Sofa Table

You can also have an elegant kind of small sofa table by adopting the design below. The simple wooden themed sofa table with 2 separated storage under, allow you to put any books or magazines.

Elegant Small Sofa Table

7. Rolling Old-Style Sofa Table

This small old-styled sofa is beautifully antique! It also an ergonomic furniture as it is a rolling table. You would love to have this to complete your antique stuffs interest.

Regency mahogany sofa table

8. Modern Small Sofa Table with Drawer

With 4 drawers, this sofa table is very worth to have. You can have a modern look and good place to store your stuffs at the same time.

Black small sofa table

9. Glass Modern Sofa Table

Having a simple glass sofa table with slim stand is not a bad idea to try in this modern era. You can copy the idea of the design below as your sofa table if you want to.

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Glass Top And Stylish Chrome

10. Vintage Wooden Sofa Table

Vintage is timeless. You can always have a vintage furniture for any time in any decades. It always have a catchy look and worth the space. You can adopt this kind of small vintage sofa table to complete your living space.

Vintage Small Sofa Table

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