10+ Kitchen Window Ideas to Boost Your Mood in the Kitchen

Kitchens come in many shapes and sizes, but you can’t deny that the room is the heart of a home. Some of the most delightful kitchens have windows that let in natural light, but those windows have some sort of unique factor that sets them apart from other windows in the house.

The kitchen is the perfect place to take some window risks, in my opinion, because it’s kind of an everything-room. It can be both an industrial and no-nonsense space while major baking is going on, but it can also just as easily be the place where finger-painting and late-night cake eating takes place.

View these gallery of kitchen windows ideas to get inspiration for your own kitchen makeover!

1. Clear White Framed Kitchen Windows

Give a clear sight from the kitchen to the outside’s view. It could give a perfect lighting and make the kitchen area look bigger. Adopt the idea and see the picture below to have a reference of the windows idea.

Clear Kitchen Windows

2. White Framed with Corbel Kitchen Windows

If you are so inclined, and if your beautiful kitchen window setup allows, let the window shine, all on its own. Of course, decorative corbels flanking the window and a perfectly minimalist hanging pendant help to give a clean, thoughtful, and stylistic vibe to the view as well. The combination of terracotta and metal plant pots – a mixture of earthiness and industrial, which is a great touch to any kitchen space.

Kitchen Window Inspiration

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3. Traditional Wooden Concept of Kitchen Windows

If you want to have a warm atmosphere for your room, do not have any doubt to choose wooden concept to the room. There is no different rule for the kitchen. Adopt the idea of wooden kitchen frame to make the kitchen look warm and comfortable.

Wooden Kitchen Windows

4. Thin Black Framed Kitchen Windows

If you already have a lot of white in your kitchen, perhaps you need to emphasize the whole look using a little black color. Use thin black window frame to emphasize the beauty of the kitchen.

Black Framed Kitchen Windows

5. White Kitchen Windows between Wooden Kitchen Space

Do not hesitate to have a white-framed kitchen windows surrounded by wooden and brown kitchen interior. Picture below shows you that white still do its good job of being a neutral color.It is so beautiful anyway.

White Windows between Brown Kitchen

6. Beautiful Protruding White Kitchen Windows

If you are a fan of protruding windows, kitchen is not a bad place to adopt the idea. Look at how beautiful the protruding windows attached in the kitchen. Sure you will have a fun and refreshing cooking and dining time while having a view from such a beautiful windows.

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Brilliant Kitchen Windows

7. White Framed Sliding Kitchen Windows

Sliding windows seems never get too boring to have. Adopt the idea and make it with white frame for your kitchen. See the resuld below about the beauty of it.

Cute Kitchen Windows

8. Modern Kitchen Windows

Well, perhaps nobody ever wonder of having this kind of windows. A very modern, minimalist but super catchy, makes anyone want to have one in their kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Windows

9. Wide White Folding Kitchen Windows

If you have a wide space for a kitchen windows, perhaps this folding window idea is the best window shape for you. It can easily save some space when you open the whole windows, and create a beautiful wide view to the kitchen.

Classy Kitchen Windows

10. Cute Kitchen Windows with Creative Folding Curtain

Don’t worry if you only have a small space to be your kitchen windows. Give a touch of a creative folding curtain to beautify the look of your kitchen and boost your mood.

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Creative Folding Curtain

11. Beautiful Kitchen Windows Combined with Glass Roof

Who doesn’t love to have a lot of of lighting in their room. A kitchen is a beautiful place to have that, too! look at this brilliant kitchen windows combined with a glass top of the kitchen. Feels like doing outdoor cooking all the time.

All clear windows and ceilling

12. Clear Kitchen with Black Frame

Here is another modern kitchen windows idea for you to try. Adopt this clear windows with black frame to emphasize the modern look of you kitchen. Look at the beautiful result from the picture below.

dark framed clear kitchen windows

13. Vivid Frame Color for Kitchen Windows

Introduce color! These green shelves work seamlessly with the bright green window trim, and they provide a delightfully eclectic space for kitchen window bits. The shelves are a perfect place to grow herbs, store (small) cookbooks, and display quaint eating pieces like teacups or other eclectic collections.

Green Framed Kitchen Windows

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