10 Ideas To Dressing Up Your Ugly Window AC Unit

Window AC unit lately is an ultimate DIY project to save your money. However, it is leaving another big problem, which is a disturbing ugly look. This is a DIY window AC unit decorative cover to help you.

For those who do the window AC DIY project for the sake of an instant solution, usually forgetting one fact. It brings an annoying look that is not matched with any interior design style. We have 10 best ideas to dress up your window unit so it will even look like a beautiful decoration.

1. Fabric Patterned Paper

Transform a scratch to decorate your boring AC window unit.

Wallpaper as an AC unit cover / image via hometalk.com

2. Beautiful Picture and Painting AC Unit Cover

You can also cover your window AC unit with a beautiful painting or printed scenery.

A Diversion Picture AC Cover / image via apartmenttherapy.com

3. POP pattern

A fusion between some shape or pattern combined in one frame. Use this to add a POP touch to your window AC

POP AC Cover / image via w2wfurnishings.com

4. Natural Wooden AC Cover

Basically is rustic wooden window treatment. But it can also act as a window AC Cover.

Window treatment also as an AC cover / image via thegreydovecottage.com

5. Mini Garden AC Cover

A fresh colorful plant can be used to surrounding the AC unit to gain freshness.

AC Cover with a touch of garden / image via junophotography.co

6. A Genius Bookshelf

Instead of cover it with an eye pleasuring thing, you can also build a cabinet around the AC unit.

Bookself to cover AC unit / image via designevolving.com

7. Mozaik Mask AC Unit Cover

The unique color that created when the light passes through the mozaik will beautify your Window AC.

Mozaik Glass to cover Window AC Unit / image via robomargo.com

8. Chalkboard AC Mask

Use a chalkboard to write down any important things over your AC unit.

A chalk Board AC Window Mask / image via latimes.com

9. Unique Texture Cover

An abstract textured panel can be a good choice to cover your Window AC unit.

Unboring Texture Cover / image via design.mobeltrends.com

10. Classic Style Gypsum

A middle age sculpture style made from a gypsum can brings a classic style into your room.

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Gypsum Wall Cover / image via citygirlgonemom.com

Turning a boring window AC unit into a useful and also eye pleasure object is possible. You just need to choose which cover that suitable for your room.

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