10 Classic Pieces: Vintage Pedestal Sink

The classic pedestal sink works equally well in modern, rustic, or classic bathrooms. There are hundreds of iterations on the market; we’ve narrowed our choices based on subtle variations in basin, corner, and apron shapes, as well as in the edging and the foot. The majority of our selections are available with a single hole for a center faucet or three holes for a 4-inch spread faucet or for an 8-inch spread faucet. Therefore, your eyes should have took a deeper look on variety choices you might not easy to pick one. Here they are for you.

1. Coastal Claire 

The commercial design of this pedestal sink in coastal blue reflects the function perfectly. When you have this, you will know what fashion takes a part not only at your wardrobe, but your furniture does.

Pair Vintage Porcelain Pedestal Sinks

2. Athelas Antique 

It is really suit and proper to be applied in your rustic or modern bathroom design. The classic cream in ceramic accent with glowing gold and green will suddenly capture your moment of washing better and convince.

Vintage Sherle Wagner Marble Shell Pedestal Sink

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3. Dilly White

Though it seems like modern simple one, it is actually a vintage treasure which turn out maximally into a quiet blend of modernity and modesty. Look at the silver petal of water holder, aren’t they complete the entire thing perfectly?

Pedestal Lavatory Sink

4. Longing Soap

This is probably one of the best choice of vintage pedestal sink ever! Of course it is, look how serious does it give the impact on the total sphere of the old fashioned style. Classy!

Vintage Industrial Double Pedestal Sink

6. Ancient Dirty

Are you suddenly get remained of Cleopatra age when staring at this ancient sink model? If it is yes, then you might be correct since it was really there inspired!

Vintage Industrial Cast Iron Double Pedestal Sink

7. Dragon Westal 

The sink perhaps only such an ordinary one, but look clearly at the water tapper. The symbol shape of dragon in gold and green would be another story to be added when you decide to purchase it. Your rustic home would be best matched it!

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Vintage Sherle Wagner Marble Shell Pedestal Sink

8. Blue Lime Peacoch 

One sink can have never enough. That is probably best used to say when you know that you have spacious area to put your twin sink right there. Blue lime touches on both sides can be extremely even better replaced.

Pair Vintage Porcelain Pedestal Sinks

9. Smelling Pure

In a vintage yet classic home design, it would so nice to also having a unique palette of wall shade. Just like this crabbing brick wall accent within the clean white sink in vintage model. Isn’t anything better?

Vintage Oval Pedestal Porcelain Bathroom Sink Architectural

10. Constanta Dirk 

This pedestal vintage sink offers you possibility to have a good memory of something classic and marvelous. One of the best investment you would never regret at all!

 Vintage Sink Bathroom


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