DIY Bathroom Wall Decor You’ll Fall in Love with

If you want to make your walls look uniquely amazing, you should have art pieces on the walls. Your blank and boring walls will become a perfect focal point with bold and stylish wall arts. You don’t need to be an artist, here the wall art is more a wall decoration than a work of art, but its amazing effect is never lessened. The DIY decorating results are usually unique and budget-friendly. As an alternative to expensive artwork, DIY wall art is a pretty cool way to enhance your interior design. Here are some fascinating DIY projects made from inexpensive materials. Let them inspire you and give your home a fresh feeling.

1. Letter Painting

As simple as turning up your hand, creating an enchanting DIY bathroom decoration with such simple but unique letter hand writing concept. Mind to use soft coral colours such as pink orchid to make it more stunning.

Diy Bathroom Wall Decor Diy Bathroom Wall Decor

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2. Artificial Words

Again, one presenting letter hand writing within the bathroom wall with nice quotes. It is clearly inspiring since you design it under the mirror to remind your kids about the clean step importance.

Best Concept Design of DIY Bathroom Wall Decor |

3. Waves of Color

You don’t need too much effort by simply applying wall decoration of painting frame within the bathroom wall. Colourful and nice of combination with the bath-up curtain.

Two It Yourself: DIY Kids/Guest bathroom wall decor

4. Abstract Pattern

Put some abstract painting to add some more ethnic and unique ambience of your bathroom nuance. Choose black and white theme to strengthening the dramatic and glamorous effect.

Best Concept Design of DIY Bathroom Wall Decor |

5. Modern Batik Calling

Batik of international cultural heritage is up on your bathroom perspective! Impress your imagination and spoil up your soul by the truly essential of beauty reflected by the batik’s motif. It is damn beautiful!

diy quick easy wall art for bathroom diy quick easy wall art for

6. Holes of Cheers

Asking to the mirror on the wall and decide which is the most beautiful of all. It is time to showing up the larger spacious of room during the mirror reflection.

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7. Coral and Star Dancing

Obtaining the purity and gratitude of natural sea essence by applying starfish and coral dancing between the blue lagoon bathroom wall accent. It will cost your time a lot at the bathroom to admiring them!

Diy Bathroom Wall Decor | - Home Design in Pictures

8. Violet Parquet

Needs little effort to apply this calmly yet fascinating beauty of wall paper application, but takes forever to forget how beautiful and soul relaxing it is affected your pure soul.

Diy Bathroom Wall Art Here\'s my easy, free diy art

9. The Dancing Dolphin

What a spectacular and marvellous design of dark painted bathroom wall to be combined with the dancing dolphin painting accent within it. How creative! You can never get boring whenever you are inside in.

Bathroom Wall Art Diy Ideas 5, picture size 501x500 posted by luvne ...

10. Dandelion Girl

For you who like to create your bathroom as the best place to do daydreaming, then you may consider to apply this pretty pink bathroom wall painted with a girl blowing dandelion flower. It is super misty, relaxing and embracing your daydreaming to the utmost level of satisfaction.

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