12 Mesmerizing Ideas of Faux Wood Garage Doors

Garage doors sometimes just not into your thing when you decide to build your dreamy house. It is not fully a mistake but you should try your best more to put some more consideration in designing your garage door. It is not only about an aesthetic thing and function, but it can also express what theme of home design you’d like to choose with. Some more ideas are presented here for you, will you take them too?

1. Michelangelo Faux Wood Style

The modern residence should need a modern garage too. Here comes the faux wood style in vintage yet classic style to complete the house necessity. Simple but glamorous one.

Michelangelo faux wood garage

2. Common Getty Wood

A strong traditional faux wood garage door will always welcome you whenever you come home. The ultra power shade would give the attendance full on your shape.

Getty Collection Galleries

3. Stylish Finishing 

In a modern age, everyone needs to best saving their vehicle. The strong foundation of the garage and powerful stroke of the prudence makes this style perfect for you.

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naples best faux

4. Faux Stained Wood Garage

The endanger structure of the garage door will enable the host to trust their vehicle protection inside it. The shadow performing of the falling leaves will crop mutually with the design. So enriching!

Faux Stained Wood Garage Door

5. Traditional Country Sphere

Feeling like opening the country farm door house? Then this one garage door will last for you. By extracting the vanity, you will know how well it is to declare the elegant and function full of the garage door.

 Shed Faux Door

6. Glossy Oak

Oak wood has never been so wrong. So does with the appliance on the factual garage door in wooden phase. The spectacular glossy warm will always embrace the eternity for everyone looking it.

glossy oak faux garage

7. Organza Square

Looking a celestial pigeon hole? Yes, the structure imitates that alike much. This extra simple but modern organza design will surely entrance your heart belonging.

faux wood garage with hazel grace

8. Apprentice Solitude

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Maximilian choice of the large doom wood faux garage style enable you to somehow admire the strong point at the red brick shade along it. Everlasting beauty!

Faux Wood Garage Doors - Traditional - Garage And Shed - detroit - by ...

9. Winter Wood Lock

When looking at this, just remembering the blue concordance of the memory. When the snow falls and chill wind blows, you can protect your vehicle safely inside. Perfect!

winter wood garage door

10. Goldilac Brick

The Greece ancient building concept inspires the look of this wood faux garage door design. It is super nice and pretty, even beyond the words!

Natural Faux Wood

11. Modern Ansamble 

Old wood does not mean powerless, yet in another hand, it gives the extra merciful space of design. Composing the doom and shade the wood glory maximize at the time goes by.

Petunia Faux Door

12. Mountain Chill Wood

For a mountainous sky mountain house type, you need a different structure of your garage design. Just like the images below, isn’t it out of amazing?

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Farm Chill

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