10 Exterior Window Trim Ideas for Home Aesthetic

Window can be said as one most important exterior house design as people see it firstly when they take a look at somebody’s home from outside. Hence no wonder many have effort to design their exterior window trim as best as they can do. The following is several samples of exterior window trim ideas which you may collect and save as your one day reference. Jump out your finger now!

1. White Margin Exterior

 The chill of winter is getting closer now and you just can enjoy the majestic view of snow falling down right neside your white windows trim. Super nice and chic.

White Margin Exterior

2. White Mushroom Model

You can sit relax and enjoy the beauty landscape of your garden setting in this white classic mushroom window trim model. It looks so simple and elegant till you need only put a sliding cover instead of curtain there.

White Mushroom Model

3. Airy Snow

Just like the chill sensation of snow, this white windows trim ideas are one of brilliant setting over the total design of the house. It gives glamorous and chic touches at the same time. Classy!

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Exterior window trim

4. Oak Trimming

Considering to put oak wood trimming along the your windows frame to give some more strong accent. White painted line would be a perfect one choice.

Oak Tripping

5. Gregorian Rome Style

Modern and clean house accent can’t be separated from white theme accent. Including your window appliance of course. Choose this Gregorian Rome style to sweeten your home design. Simple but fabulous!

Exterior Window Trims

6. Mozaik Grey

A sophisticated and futuristic home should be completed with futuristic window too. This what is captured by the mozaik grey window below. Isn’t so fantastic?

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7. Beverly Mood

Just like typical set of modern house, this model of window get inspired by Beverly Hills residence which influencing you so much. The dark film glass warranty your privacy kind of much.

Exterior Window Trim Ideas

8. English Window

Again, white is so never loosing its popularity here. The compact sleek window ideas below enable you to have a minimalist grand home design.

Window trim on front exterior windows

9. Bay Window Studio

This extra large window in white within the brick wall offers no more than classy and elegant. You can just spot your eyes everywhere you want.

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Bay Window Exterior Trim Ideas

10. Greeny Black Hole

Tropical house needs different touch. So does this black elegant window along the wood parquet wall. Isn’t anything more fancy than this?

Exterior Window And Door Trim

11. Classic Cover

You need two pairs of windows to enjoy the rays of sunlight. That’s why you have to own this as your choices. Want to try too?

Exterior Window And Door Trim Ideas

12. Villager Hide

Living in a village means changing your behaviour into more humble and modest, of course, without loosing your class. That’s what being spotted by this village home window trim. Simple but still shows its class.

Exterior Window And Door Trim

13. Holy Maroon

What a romantic and freezing window spot it is. The waving curtain behind has just add its classy looks more appear. One more advantage, it is so Instagrammable!

Exterior Window Trims

14. Cottage Molding

Simply and controlling. Those two words can be described by this cottage window trims model upon your home design. Shimmering the modesty and modernity.

outdoor window molding

15. Small Luminient 

One spotted area of house centre can be put a small window there. It aims to let you enjoy your surround area even more. Come on try!

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Victorian Exterior Window Trim

16. Europe Classical Rhyme

This might be not too proper as a home complement, but why don’t give it a try? Look how classy and unique it is. Just like you are a royal family at the end of 80’s century!

Window Trim Molding

17. Modern Wanderlust

Living in a modern castle home inspiring from would be just your own hand in a sec! There is no other match windows design than this modern wanderlust one. Hilarious!

exterior window trim Quotes

18. Wood Window Castle

It’s might just like a dream, but soon will come true. One day ahead if you ever plan of having this wood window castle design, consider to try this one.

Wood Windows: Exterior

19. Warm Stucco

Enjoying a perfect afternoon by a cup of tea within your lovely warm window. The orange shade of the wall has just made everything more perfect.

Exterior Stucco Window Trim Ideas

20. Double Hung Series

Double happiness means double windows! Wishing your dreamy home design come true by this double hung windows appliance. So unique and sweet!

Series Double-Hung Windows with Exterior Trim

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